Petition to: Completely resurface Wellesford Close

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Completely resurface Wellesford Close. More details

More details from petition creator

Wellesford Close is a double-ended cul-de-sac in south Banstead with nearly 30 private residences.

The entire road surface of Wellesford Close is of poor quality with significant deterioration. The asphalt is patchy and sparse along its length, there are numerous potholes and cracks, the surface is uneven, and the road demonstrates general poor maintenance. In winter, the road surface condition and slight incline make driving slippery and dangerous, and year-round the cracks and potholes pose a safety hazard.

The recent surface dressing (filling in potholes and coating the road with stone chips) at the entrance to the close in response to resident complaints was insufficient to correct the state of the road surface along its length.

We request that the SCC perform complete road renewal of the entirety of Wellesford Close.

Current signatories

Hugh Harvey, the petition creator, joined by:

  • James Wearn
  • Dylan Firmin
  • Julie Wearn
  • Rob Spalding
  • Derek ARAM
  • Laura McLucas
  • Ira Earp
  • Fleur Harvey
  • Martin BENEDICTO
  • Gill Anderson
  • Lynne Clayton
  • Andrew Clayton
  • Tina Kidd
  • Mark Kidd
  • Joan White
  • Roger Field
  • Auron Leow
  • Jakki Field
  • Lisa Leow
  • Richard Stone
  • Jenny Stone
  • Valerie Leow
  • Clemmie Groves
  • mahalakshmi gorti
  • Carolyn Standish
  • R.S.Emery
  • Andrew Blamire
  • Robert White
  • Susan Blake
  • Neil Harvey
  • Lysander Panayi
  • Chris Gregory
  • Maritsa Zhang
  • BJ Gregory
  • Melanie Ramsay
  • Richard Newton
  • Joshua Gregory
  • Brian Tomlin