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Petition to: Stop Surrey being turned into a cycle track

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Stop Surrey being turned into a cycle track. More details

Petition update from the council, 31 January 2014

This petition was considered at the meeting of Surrey County Council's Cabinet held on Tuesday 17 December 2013. The Cabinet Member for Community Services gave the following response to this and another petition about cycling at the meeting:

"We welcome the helpful and constructive views that have been expressed from the two petitions and the cycling strategy consultation. Collectively, these give us incredibly useful information from which to build.

We recognise and appreciate the concerns about increased levels of cycling in Surrey and our proposed Cycling Strategy outlines a number of ways we will address this. This includes improved education and awareness on sharing the road safely, engagement with cycling clubs and event organisers and a consistent approach to enforcement. It also includes lobbying central government to amend current regulations to require notification of sportive events. Our new Framework for Coordinating and Approving Events on Surrey’s Highway will include a presumption against more than one closure of any road per year and an onus on event organisers to engage locally at the earliest stages.
We recognise that major events such as the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 and Classic, have been unpopular with some people because of inconvenience on the day and lost trade to businesses on the route. But we have also heard from many people who felt that the PRLS was a wonderful event that brought people together and inspired people to cycle and get fit. In 2013 2,000 Surrey residents took part in the 100 and 10,000 have applied for a place in 2014.

I will be recommending to Cabinet today that we approve the PRLS events for a further four years as they are nationally and internationally significant and give us the opportunity to showcase Surrey as a beautiful place to visit. We will work proactively to ensure that Surrey businesses benefit from this.

I thought it would be useful to clarify the work carried out to date to engage locally to ensure that local residents and businesses are informed and supported in a timely manner.

In 2013 this included leaflets delivered to homes on and within 100 metres of the route, drop in sessions where residents could ask questions and a county wide advertising campaign on radio, bus backs, press and poster sites to make sure people were full aware of the events and their impact.

For the 2014 events the proposed route has been shared with elected representatives of the communities affected, providing them the opportunity to comment and make suggestions. Wherever possible the organisers have taken these into account and as you will hear when the report is considered by Cabinet later in this meeting, many positive changes are being proposed that will help to reduce the disruption and ensure communities and businesses benefit from the events."

The minutes for this meeting can be viewed at:

More details from petition creator

Apart from the obvious dangers to cyclists, Surrey roads are not suitable. Surrey County Council have, without consultation, decided it would be a great idea to use Surrey as a race track. This in itself is a thoughtless act but far more importantly residents and numerous businesses are being effected by road closures. This prevents residents of Surrey from leaving their own property and going about their normal business. The road closures were a necessary inconvenience during the Olympic Games but now it looks like Surrey County Council are to make this an annual event. This is all very well but residents of Surrey are pestered and annoyed by cyclists (practising months in advance of the event) who ride the route in very large numbers from very early in the morning shouting at each other (have you tried talking whilst riding your bike?) and riding in large groups sometimes three and four abreast or in strings of riders making it virtually impossible for the poor old motorist, many of whom are elderly, to overtake. Traffic violations are common and it is only a matter of time before there is a major accident with the possibility of the loss of life. It will of course be the motorists fault. Have Surrey County Council considered the number of heavy goods vehicles using the roads. The route chosen is all enclosing and no provision has been made for vehicular crossing points. So to facilitate a bike ride many Surrey residents are to be confined to their homes from 5 am until 9 pm

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