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Petition to: Install Pedestrian Path Safety Bollards Outside Furzefield Primary School, Delabole Road, Merstham

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Install Pedestrian Path Safety Bollards Outside Furzefield Primary School, Delabole Road, Merstham. More details

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More details from petition creator

Primary school children have been subject to many instances of nearly being hit by moving vehicles as a result of cars maneuvering onto the pedestrian path to park outside of Furzefield Primary School. Cars mount the path in order to park with 2 wheels mounted on the pedestrian walkway.

In order to mitigate this risk of a serious injury or death to an adult or school pupil, I petition the council to install pedestrian safety bollards along the pedestrian path of Delabole Road, outside of Furzefield Primary School (along entire school fence boundary), as a matter of urgency. This action must not be reactive following an incident, but proactive in order to prevent an incident occurring, for the safety of the community.

Current signatories

Mr Steve Oliver, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Marlies Mehta
  • Anne Hardy
  • Amy Rowe
  • Liza Keenan
  • Jenny Oliver
  • Lisa tye
  • Kerry Millhouse
  • Yvonne Atwill
  • Laura Snelling
  • Natalie Gurney
  • Joanna Camilleri
  • Lauren Naylor
  • Heather Nahom
  • Gemma Summers
  • Tracy Kemp
  • Emma Heap
  • Debbie Williams
  • Ligia Gouveia
  • Rebecca Swain
  • Lin Hutchings
  • Rob Wigley
  • Gemma wilson
  • Janet Kiel
  • Anna Scott
  • Natalie Mcbride
  • Frank cantwell
  • Zoe murphy
  • Rebecca Nunn
  • Rachel Mortlock
  • Sophie Fisher
  • Gail Marshall-Jones
  • Ian coulton
  • Louisa Bagshaw
  • Tina Oldridge
  • Neil Gurney
  • Laura Moso
  • Katie Franklin
  • Carole Sanderson
  • RonĂ©l Klopfer-Prevett
  • Kate Bowey
  • Kelsey Hutchinson
  • Emma Clatk
  • Helen Williams
  • Alistair Baker
  • Julia oliver
  • Jonathan Kerslake
  • Jennifer Milne
  • Anthony Kerslake
  • Janet Hill
  • Tess
  • Nicky Woods
  • Clare jones
  • Jacqueline Jenns
  • Toni hand
  • Jacqueline Crome
  • Cllr Graeme Crome
  • Christine Solomon
  • Graham Norris
  • Sharon
  • John Doyle
  • luca cabano
  • Dave peters
  • Becca Halsey
  • Julia Jones
  • Debbie Norris
  • Alison Porte
  • Stacy spurdle
  • Caroline Weller
  • Laura Higgs
  • Samantha Emery
  • Craig Emery
  • Lucy Mistry
  • Joanne Hayward
  • Vanessa Stanley
  • C arolie
  • Lilanies Sonntag
  • Claire Bourn
  • cicek akyildiz
  • binat akyildiz
  • Alexa Mitchell
  • Rebecca Gower
  • Russell Gower
  • Joanne Butters
  • Naomi Redman
  • Karen Dumville
  • Carly Muhtaris
  • gary Stanley
  • Updated: 15 Dec 2018