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Petition to: remove George Road, Grays Road and Elizabeth Road Farncombe (24092, 24093) from the residents permit parking scheme

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to remove George Road, Grays Road and Elizabeth Road Farncombe (24092, 24093) from the residents permit parking scheme. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 13 May 2014

The Local Committee (Waverley) noted receipt of this petition at its meeting on 9 May 2014 as part of its consideration of the Waverley Parking Review: Response to Formal Advertisement.

The Committee discussed the advertised proposals for George Road, Grays Road and Elizabeth Road (between Perrior Road and George Road)and took account of the representations received.

The Committee's decision was not to proceed, except in Grays Road where a residents’ parking scheme will proceed as advertised.

Petition update 1 from the council, 25 April 2014

The petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Local Committee (Waverley). This will be presented to the Local Committee at its meeting on Friday 9 May 2014, to be held at 1.30pm at Godalming Baptist Church, Queen Street, Godalming GU7 1BA. The agenda for the meeting will be published on line one week beforehand at:

The Committee will consider the petition in conjunction with its report on the outcome of the consultation on the Waverley parking review.

More details from petition creator

The scheme will reduce the number of resident parking spaces in the affected roads, thus displacing residents and commuters into surrounding streets such as Station Road, Perrior Road and The Oval. No parking zones will increase traffic speeds in Elizabeth and Grays Road. Residents with off road parking will have to pay for on road visitors. This piecemeal approach is inappropriate and will lead to many subsequent extensions.

Current signatories

Mr Patrick Haveron, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Stewart Edge
  • Chris Warner
  • Carl Hancock
  • Nicky Butler
  • barry shelley
  • Patrick Wallace
  • Sophie Sherman
  • Maureen Herbert
  • Penny Rivers
  • Andy Wallace
  • Jean Martin
  • Cindi Lockett
  • Eleanor Murton
  • Stephen Mathews
  • Steve Hill
  • Pip Brander
  • C G Matthews
  • sheila duncan
  • Dan Murton
  • Jonathan Williams
  • Concetta Dambrosio
  • Angela Dambrosio
  • Robbie Leggett
  • Anne Hodgson
  • Tom Grayshaw
  • Sarah Homatidis
  • Penny Laslett
  • Roseann Sullivan
  • Dan Gunner
  • Paul Rivers
  • Ruth Hammond (nee Rodgers)
  • John Blades
  • Sally Pomphrey
  • Pauline Sloan
  • Lill Blades
  • Debbie Annett-Bateman
  • Carol Vickery
  • Lynn Hunt
  • Hannah McKenzie
  • Timothy Michael Crane
  • Mark O'Connell
  • Ben Penberthy
  • Alice Poole
  • Phil Kemp
  • Wendy Perry
  • James Tribe
  • Laura Woodward
  • Maria Titcomb
  • Sally Hayward
  • Gary Cooper
  • Aaron Fothergill
  • Helen Penberthy
  • Keith Johnson
  • terry johnson
  • Pamela Haveron
  • Flora Hunt
  • Colin Beattie
  • john heward
  • Tom dye
  • Mrs Susan Allen
  • Claire McKee
  • Linda Patterson
  • Brian King
  • Luke Zatwardnicki
  • Georgina Whittle
  • Dawn Hart
  • Kelly lake
  • Molly Davis
  • Samantha Watters
  • James Crawshaw
  • anna roas
  • john roas
  • Deborah Stockwell
  • Will Britton
  • Michele Britton
  • Elliot Fabian
  • Jim Lunnon
  • Tara Cowell
  • Colin Allen
  • Jayne White
  • Caroline Horlock
  • Martin Horlock
  • Andrew Watters
  • Updated: 31 May 2020