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Petition to: Improve pedestrian safety on New Inn Lane by upgrading the Zebra crossing to a Pelican crossing.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Improve pedestrian safety on New Inn Lane by upgrading the Zebra crossing to a Pelican crossing. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 08 October 2019

This petition was considered by the Guildford Joint Committee at its meeting on 18th September 2019. The full response is as follows:

"The Committee would like to thank the lead petitioner Councillor George Potter for presenting the petition on behalf of the local residents.

The existing zebra crossing was funded by the developer as part of the Raynham Close development. The crossing was constructed during the 2012/13 financial year.

After detailed investigation by the SCC officers and several site visits, it was concluded that the current location was the most suitable site, in respect of sightlines and the desirable crossing line, for a zebra crossing between Burnett Avenue and London Road, also taking into consideration the many driveways to dwellings. The police also supported the zebra crossing at its present location. After the completion of the crossing, a safety audit was carried out by an independent safety team. There were no concerns raised in the report regarding the suitability of a zebra crossing at this location.

The green on the south side of New Inn Lane is managed by Guildford Borough Council, where vegetation is regularly cut back to maintain good visibility for pedestrians and motorists by the zebra crossing.
The personal injury collisions (PIC) has been examined, for the last five years, in the vicinity of the crossing. There have been no recorded PICs during that period.

The SCC officers will continue to monitor the zebra crossing."

Following discussion among the members, the committee noted the response.

The full minutes of the meeting can be found here:

Gregory Yeoman
Partnerships Committee Officer (Guildford) – working days Tues, Wed, Thurs
Community Partnerships & Safety Team
Insight, Analytics and Intelligence

07968 832390 / 01483 517530

Petition update 1 from the council, 15 August 2019, while petition was still open

This petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Joint Committee (Guildford). This will be presented to the Joint Committee on Wednesday 18th September 2019, which will be held at the Guildford Borough Council offices. The Committee will consider the petition and the officer response at the meeting. You are more than welcome to attend and listen to the debate if you would like to.

More details from petition creator

Pedestrian safety on New Inn Lane is being put at risk by the poorly positioned zebra crossing. Those using the crossing are obscured by vegetation and by heavy, slow moving or stopped traffic toward the Green Man (Aldi) roundabout during peak times. Traffic heading away from the roundabout often moves at high speed and the result is a significant risk of an incident.

Children use this crossing on a regular basis when walking to and from school, and other vulnerable members of the community from Mallow Crescent care home often walk up New Inn Lane toward the amenities.

Based on the observations and near misses being reported by the local community, it seems to be only a matter of time before someone is struck and either seriously injured or killed.

We the undersigned call upon Surrey Highways to replace the Zebra crossing on New Inn Lane with a Pelican crossing (i.e. traffic light controlled) as soon as possible. This simple change would provide a far safer means of crossing for pedestrians in Burpham.

Current signatories

Cllr George Potter, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Karen Palmer
  • Malcolm Packer
  • Ian Kyle
  • Dianne Blakelock
  • Sara
  • Louise Melchionno
  • Gwen Knibbs
  • Lisa pliatsikas
  • Lisa Page
  • Toby Hannah
  • Jodie Warrington
  • Sarah Nixon
  • Victoria Roberton
  • Gill Salmons
  • Leonie Jones
  • Christopher Howarth
  • Jill Rowe
  • Emma norton
  • Christopher McIsaac
  • Alison Clubley
  • Ruth Pellatt
  • Jennifer Proctor
  • Louise Obrien
  • Lyn Blatchford
  • Kathy thomas
  • Michelle Langford-Sidaway
  • T McIsaac
  • Phil Wicks
  • Emma Moore
  • Teresa Roe
  • Donna Shrubb
  • Sarah Bradshaw
  • Nicole Eller-McEntee
  • Rebecca Tulett
  • Johanne smart
  • Emma Watson
  • Russell Hartley
  • Karen Chalk
  • Ingrid Garcia Moreno
  • GerryLuff
  • Sharon Rice
  • Hazel Teal
  • Laura Baxter
  • Celia Johnson
  • Josie Loader
  • Jane Tyson
  • Suzy Wright
  • Jane Gigg
  • Hannah nash
  • Alison Melville
  • Alistair Pascoe
  • Sarah Simpson
  • Theodora Nicolaou
  • Claire Shopland
  • Jacky Stevens
  • Natalie whitworth
  • Kerry scott
  • Chris Embleton-Hall
  • Ike Cartet
  • Katie Morello
  • Debbie Parkes
  • Alison Fisher
  • Rebecca Sutton
  • Peta Lawrence
  • Sam Aarvold
  • Justine Aldous
  • Monica Wright
  • Marianne webb
  • Gemma Abraham
  • Jo Coultman-Stroud
  • Lizzie shea
  • Agnes Skinner
  • Emma Archard
  • Fiona Jones
  • Lisa Chaouad
  • Jessica simpson
  • Bahareh Alyari
  • Mollie Neale
  • Janine clemoes
  • Lyn Mitchell
  • Alex Armstrong
  • Tina minns
  • Andra C Vartej
  • Lisa Scott
  • Lucy Reeves
  • Caroline Cooper
  • Julia Jennings
  • Grace
  • Lisa Edwards
  • George Scorer
  • James Hancox
  • Martina Pugh
  • Clair Taylor
  • Murray Jennings
  • Shelley Grainger
  • Cath douglas
  • Uta Bergner-Sington
  • Dale Miller
  • Helen Bickle
  • Claire Hicks
  • Annie edwards
  • Natasha Sines
  • Claire Moores
  • Brian Dunleavy
  • Paul Cliff
  • Many Nicholson
  • Jane Taylor
  • N Preece
  • Christine Learoyf
  • alison martin
  • Julie Sharp
  • Francesca Wilkinson
  • Jane Turner
  • M Leung
  • Pui Shan Lau
  • Chris Risebrow
  • Thomas Bathurst
  • Simon Learoyd
  • Ian McIsaac
  • Katherine roberts
  • Gemma Ware
  • Daniel Abasolo
  • Andrew Carr
  • Ross Luffingham
  • Karen Clark
  • Aiden Sinnott
  • Jean Davy
  • Barbara Howarth
  • David Howells
  • David Warren
  • Theresa Brown
  • Sarah Vine
  • Robert Legg
  • Lysann Nauschuetz
  • Charlotte Briski
  • Di Boyden
  • Vanessa Smith
  • Dushy Stevanic
  • Paul Miller
  • Joanna Stamogiannou
  • Vik Howarth
  • Francis Drossaert
  • Tamara Bathgate
  • Jane watson
  • Nicola bowen
  • Emma Hart
  • Wendy Hart
  • Rosie Hatton
  • Tobias Nicholls
  • Emily Wicks
  • James Levasier
  • Laura Trinidad
  • Myriam Hunter-Henin
  • Ceri Slade
  • Wendy Fitzpatrick
  • Penelope Carter
  • Emma Estevens
  • Michael Harrold
  • Sarah Harrold
  • Jane Todd
  • Rob Chorley
  • Baris Ergun
  • Sue Ruffle
  • mark chadwick
  • Moira MacQuaide Hall
  • Aimee Poulter
  • Richard Mills
  • Gareth Heighes
  • Caroline millard
  • Graham Mills
  • Anke Parkinson
  • Rebecca Offin
  • Samantha Davis
  • Andrew Law
  • Duncan Webb
  • Tristan Paramor
  • Nicki france
  • John Pallot
  • Updated: 31 May 2020