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Petition to: Please install speed bumps and one speed camera on Scotland Bridge Road

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Please install speed bumps and one speed camera on Scotland Bridge Road. More details

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More details from petition creator

1. Adding speed bumps to Scotland Bridge Road 2. Adding one speed camera on Scotland Bridge Road to deter and fine speeding drivers

Resident concerns are: 1. Excess speeds, especially during rush hours and late at night, creating dangerous conditions and very high volumes of noise 2. Excess heavy goods vehicles, also travelling at speed creating high volumes of noise and causing houses on Scotland Bridge Road to shudder 3. Poor sight lines, creating difficult and dangerous conditions due to speed of traffic when pulling in and out of resident drive ways, and turning in and out of resident roads 4. Dangerous conditions due to over-speeding vehicles especially around nursery and secondary school down the road

Current signatories

Shraddha Ramamurthy, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Russell gooden
  • Lisa Elsey
  • Claire wheaton
  • Sudhir
  • Katrina Wheeler
  • Becky Mayne
  • Justin Marner
  • Emma Emson
  • Fiona Syrett
  • Marion Law
  • Maureen & Robert Amato
  • Nannette palmer
  • Henry Melbourn
  • Natalia Melbourn
  • Lucy coumbe
  • Christine payne
  • Steve rayner
  • Gerrard Sturt
  • Tammy Dexter
  • Lisa Clark
  • Toby Clark
  • Kirsty Lawrence
  • Samantha Andrews
  • William
  • Marissa Ashfield
  • Amy Evans
  • Matthew Davey
  • Updated: 17 Jan 2019