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Improve pedestrian road safety at the entrances to St Anne's Catholic Primary School, Banstead. (with response)C Mehrai25 April 2020301
provide for a crossing that prioritises pedestrians and bicycles over traffic at the junction of Wheatfield Way and Cycle Route 21 (with response)Diana Udul10 February 2020175
Change the speed limit to 30mph on the A287 through Beacon Hill (with response)Malcolm Carter25 February 2020152
Reduce the speed limit on the A24 South up the hill from the Cockerel roundabout until past the old Kuoni site , from the current 50 mph to a safer slower speed reflecting the residential area. (with response)Mrs Chris Lane20 May 2020129
Improve road safety outside Danesfield Manor School, Rydens Avenue, Walton on ThamesLISA JORDAN29 February 2020115
coordinate measures by the Highways Dept, Environmental Health Dept, the Police and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, together with other responsible bodies, to take action to control the blight of excessive exhaust noise, speed and danger throughout the Dorking area, with particular regard to safety within villages.Mickleham Parish Council 7 July 2020105
wIthdraw the idea put forward in the recent Parking Strategy Update paper that "The Council should support the introduction of on-street parking charges" on all time-limited free parking spaces on the main thoroughfares in our towns and larger villages and that Local and Joint Committees should not support the reason suggested for introducing such charges as being “ to help improve access to retail areas" as this will have the opposite effect on our fragile retail sector (with response)Ms Caroline Salmon 3 February 2020104

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  • Updated: 28 Jan 2020