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stop their plans to abolish the 11 Borough and District councils to create Surrey County Council as a single unitary authority managing all services for Surrey’s 1.2 million residents.Hannah Dalton 4 March 20214151
Implement a shared pedestrian and cycle path on the remainder of the south side of the A245 Parvis Road between Byfleet Queens Head and West Byfleet Highfield Road at the same time as that being provided by the developers of Broadoaks along part of that same stretch. (with response)Keith Creswell24 October 2020237
Not Introduce Residents' Parking Permits to Shalford Village (with response)Cecilia Taylor16 October 2020124
Reduce the speed limit for all roads through Sutton Green Village to 30 mph and authorise the provision of "picket gates" on all entrances to the village at the following sites: New Lane just before Robin Hood Lane, Blanchards Hill, immediately after Sutherland Avenue and Whitmoor Lane (A320 end) where the one way system ends.susan normand28 October 202092
Install 20mph speed limit with appropriate Traffic calming and LOW noise road surfaceIan Haygreen25 September 202059
Review the parking arrangements in Station Road and adjacent roads to prioritise residents over commuters. (with response)Matt Furniss30 September 202052
Reinstate all pre covid waste categories to Warlingham and Caterham CRC's and allow residents to walk in waste if they don't have a carAlun Jones10 November 202046
Completely resurface Wellesford CloseHugh Harvey 2 October 202042
Include Woodhatch Crossroads in planned Safety measures A217,Horley to ReigateMiss Abigail Pryor29 January 202139
Introduce traffic calming measures/speed bumpsAlison Poole20 February 202137

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  • Updated: 24 Sep 2020