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We the undersigned petition to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
stop their plans to abolish the 11 Borough and District councils to create Surrey County Council as a single unitary authority managing all services for Surrey’s 1.2 million residents. (with responses)Hannah Dalton 4 March 20215321
Preserve & Protect Norbury Park Sawmill & WorkshopA BAINBRIDGE17 April 20214063
review the traffic arrangements in Goldsworth Road at the junction with Poole Road, Woking, to prevent the access to McDonald’s drive-through restaurant causing access problems to homes and businesses. and gridlock to the traffic in that area at busy times.Mr Lance Spencer11 March 2021640
Reduce the speed limit along the A30 through Bagshot to 30mph and install speed cameras (with response)Sarah Kingsley20 May 2021294
Install a speed VAS and a junction warning VAS, and to implement some improvements to signage, road markings and speed limit locations on the A283, along with some changes to the New Road junction. (with response)Parish Clerk (Mrs Sarah Nash)11 March 2021262
trial the reduction in speed limit to 20 mph in White Rose Lane, Mount Hermon Road, York Road and roads ancillary to those roads. (with response)Liam Lyons 8 March 2021148
Protect pedestrians/cyclists passing the Shepperton War Memorial roundabout and enforce effective traffic calming on Renfree WayMrs Chantal Crossland 9 May 202179
implement a 20 mph speed limit in Gibbet Lane and Crawley Ridge (with response)Mr Trefor Hogg24 May 202153
Increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on Quarry Street, Castle Street and Castle Hill by carrying out a traffic speed survey and introducing restrictions and/or limits for HGVs travelling on these roads. (with response)Liz Pomeroy 5 March 202134
Slow the Traffic on Laleham road in sheppertonThomas Rickman15 June 202129
Introduce a booking system and allow residents to walk in waste at smaller CFCsAlun Jones 4 May 202118

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