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stop their plans to abolish the 11 Borough and District councils to create Surrey County Council as a single unitary authority managing all services for Surrey’s 1.2 million residents.Hannah Dalton 4 March 20215136
Provide Pegasus Crossing- Arbrook to Esher Common (across the A244)Nicola Foster15 April 20211083
Postpone the daytime closure of Chobham Fire StationMr Richard Wilson 9 February 2021266
Chobham safe crossing points. Urgent request to review, update and install pedestrian priority crossings in and around the village.Naomi Gurdol 1 February 2021251
Provide Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossing in Beldam Bridge Road West End.graham alleway 1 February 2021197
Create a Pedestrian Crossing at the dangerous crossing point by the railway bridge on Saltbox Road, so that pedestrians may safely access Whitmoor Common via the public footpath. (with response)Michael Bambrough 9 February 2021128
Protect pedestrians/cyclists passing the Shepperton War Memorial roundabout and enforce effective traffic calming on Renfree WayMrs Chantal Crossland 9 May 202177
Introduce traffic calming measures/speed bumpsAlison Poole20 February 202155
Include Woodhatch Crossroads in planned Safety measures A217,Horley to Reigate (with response)Miss Abigail Pryor29 January 202144
Slow the Traffic on Laleham road in sheppertonThomas Rickman15 June 202129
Chobham village, support locals, horse riders and cyclist with traffic calming measures in and around Chobham roads.Mr Dan Fisher 8 February 202112

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  • Updated: 19 Jan 2021