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Petition to: implement speed restriction measures, e.g. speed humps / chicanes, on Whitmoor Road (Bagshot).

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to implement speed restriction measures, e.g. speed humps / chicanes, on Whitmoor Road (Bagshot). More details

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Help make Whitmoor Road and Connaught Park a safer place for everyone!

As the main access route to Connaught Park Housing Estate, Whitmoor Road is in constant use from:

* Residents / Visitors * Families attending Bagshot Community Centre (Little Echoes Day Nursery and Curley Park Rangers FC) * Parents parking to drop their children at Bagshot Infant School / Connaught Junior School * Pedestrians crossing the road to visit Lightwater Country Park (via the motorway foot bridge)

Despite the clear 30mph speed signs, the long open nature of Whitmoor Road means vehicles can regularly be seen exceeding this limit to excess (conservatively 40-50mph).

Having approached Surrey County Council in March 2017, they confirmed "a brief hand held survey on the road identified that average speeds are high". However, as only one serious accident had occurred along Whitmoor Road, any scheme would only be ranked 28th in the Council's priority list. One year later the scheme had only moved up to rank 25th!!

Why should we wait for someone to have a serious accident or lose their life? Let's make Connaught Park a safer place now.

Current signatories

Mr Jonathan Bowman, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Daniel curling
  • Mike harding
  • Peter vidler
  • Michelle Vidler
  • Alex Harvey
  • Updated: 22 Feb 2018