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Petition to: provide immediate funding to allow completion of investigations and the implementation of a drainage scheme that resolves the persistent major flooding and subsequent hazard issues in central Bookham.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to provide immediate funding to allow completion of investigations and the implementation of a drainage scheme that resolves the persistent major flooding and subsequent hazard issues in central Bookham. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 14 September 2018

Please see following officer's response to this petition:

Summary: Following the last meeting with the Bookham Flood Action Group on 18 June 2018, SCC’s Strategic Network Resilience (SNR) Team have allocated £30k to carry out a full survey of the existing drainage assets and to investigate potential options for reducing flooding in the area. Any options identified are likely to require contributory funding from the community and other agencies, which will be reported through Bookham Flood Action Group.

SCC are aware of flooding issues in Bookham, particularly in the vicinity of the Crown Pub and “Square-About”, and have been looking into the area with Thames Water and Bookham Flood Action Group.

The area has historically suffered from flooding due to its geography/topography because of this, the flood risk, can only ever be managed at best. Previously, SCC commissioned a feasibility study that covered the majority of Bookham. The engineering options identified by this study required an additional £1.1 million contribution from third parties, on top of what might be allocated by the Environment Agency, for only a limited flood risk benefit to properties. This option is no longer being pursued.

Since then we have held discussions and site meetings with residents, Thames Water and other relevant authorities to explore whether a more cost-effective and achievable solution could be identified.

Through these discussions, Bookham Flood Action Group, SCC and Thames Water have determined that although there may be enough surface water drains within the area concerned, the surface water drainage assets have not been fully investigated for many years. This is mainly due to the associated traffic management requiring significant diversions which would be expensive as well as disruptive to the local community.

Following these discussions, SCC has allocated 30k funding and commissioned a full investigation so that Lower Road and Church Road are looked at in more detail. This investigation will comprise of a CCTV survey, jetting and ground penetration radar which will allow us to map the assets in the area and identify any feasible options going forward. The work will be carried out in partnership with Thames Water to ensure we also capture information on the condition of their drainage assets.

It must be understood that this is the investigation stage and that this does not guarantee a solution or secure funding for any future works. The investigation will be completed this financial year and the results shared with Bookham Flood Action Group.

Further information

Please note that the Local Committee (Mole Valley) agreed the recommendation to note the officer's comment.

Petition update 1 from the council, 13 July 2018, while petition was still open

This petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Local Committee (Mole Valley). This will be presented to the Local Committee on Wednesday 05 September 2018, which will be held ain the council chamber at the officer of Mole Valley District Council in Pippbrook, Dorking. The Committee will consider the petition and the officer response at the meeting. You are more than welcome to attend and listen to the debate if you would like to.

More details from petition creator

This issue has affected Bookham residents for many years and despite constant promises from SCC there has been no resolution of the flooding issue that occurs at the junction of Lower Road, High Street, East Street and Church Road every time there is heavy rain.

When these roads are flooded there is no access for pedestrians trying to reach the High Street and bus stops. Pedestrians brave enough to try crossing the road, as there are no alternatives, cannot see the kerb edge or speed tables and hence there is a hazard issue.

With the poor state of the road surface drivers proceeding through the floodwater are unable to see any potholes below the water which can cause vehicle damage and is a serious hazard for cyclists.

Residents waiting at the bus stops on Lower Road get sodden due to the bow waves which come across the pavement created by passing traffic and similarly there is an accessibility issue for passengers when alighting from and catching bus services.

Due to the lack of suitable drainage this is a persistent major safety hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic and therefore requires resolution by SCC to stop further flooding and removal of the hazard.

Current signatories

Mr Leslie Huett, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Frances Fancourt
  • Farren
  • Grant Woodham
  • Christine Attwood
  • Janine Stein
  • Margaret foden
  • Gerard Pullen
  • J Dickinson
  • Diane Poole
  • Raj haque
  • Colonel David Cox OBE
  • David Pope
  • Aoife Evans
  • John Hills
  • Cary Baker
  • Roger Bull
  • Diane Pratt
  • Allan Pratt
  • Jean Marlow
  • Howard Fancourt
  • Mairead MacKenzie
  • Sarah Rowlands
  • Anne Finn
  • Michael Agius
  • Sheila Ellis
  • Jenny Carlier
  • Eldred R.W. Clark
  • Valerie Woodward
  • Anne Eagle
  • Christopher Thorpe
  • J. Sellers
  • chris williams
  • Robert Barratt
  • Stephanie Plant
  • Gavin Derriman
  • Keith Francis
  • Koshika Coomarasamy
  • Ed Criswick
  • Malcolm Judge
  • Natalie Saunders
  • Chris Simmons
  • Matthew Jenner
  • Julie abbott
  • Belinda Knight
  • Andrew Freeman
  • Geoff Martin
  • valerie sidey
  • Stephanie Dancer
  • William Prescott
  • Judy Smith
  • Arthur Field
  • Jatin Patel
  • David Ryder
  • Alan Browne
  • John Glenister
  • Adriana
  • Peter Seaward
  • Clive Little
  • Anthony Farino
  • Crystal Rushton
  • Chris Barnes
  • Peter Crook
  • Jane Martin
  • Jennifer Blackburn
  • Paul Gallard
  • Sandra Hannington
  • Carol Glenister
  • Jeremy Thomas
  • I Pardy
  • Angela Garland
  • Margaret Brooks
  • Martin Pearce
  • nicholas richardson
  • Simon Reed
  • Brian Neville
  • Jane Neville
  • Terence Garland
  • Paula Gilbert
  • Samantha Mandeville
  • Jon Andrews
  • Murray Glenister
  • Den Flavell
  • Angela Squires
  • John Dicker
  • Christopher Pratt
  • Elaine Massey
  • Anthony Marlow
  • Terence Gluck
  • Joy Taylor
  • Iden Coleman
  • Rosemary Coleman
  • Julie Ryder
  • Philip Bond
  • Ann Harrison
  • Philip Jones
  • Frances Jones
  • Lynn Barkley
  • Neil Walker
  • Richard Sealy
  • Dan Coffin
  • Michele Schnaier
  • Richard Davey
  • Susan Dunipace
  • Graham Staples
  • Gregory Martin
  • Stephen Trott
  • Veronique
  • Gemma Jarman
  • moira dyson
  • Louise Wellings
  • Jo stephens
  • Mark Jenkinson
  • Hannah Hallett
  • Laura Wade
  • Dina Godfrey
  • Catherine Hall
  • Louise Major
  • Anthony Hatter
  • Tim Cook
  • Clare Goddard
  • Ann Cook
  • Lisa Jane Bennett
  • Wendy McKeevor
  • Gillian Micklewright
  • Jacqui Taylor
  • Alan Jenkins
  • Alison Young
  • Barry Gorman
  • Wendy Hill
  • Melanie Milner
  • Chris Sewley
  • Sarah Ewles
  • Trudy Sewley
  • Simon Pardo
  • Zoe Touzel
  • Kate Penston
  • Zita Roberts
  • Fran Bond
  • Gillian Potter
  • R. Ghisoni
  • Mark Washington
  • Ann Cooper
  • Kate Baldwin
  • Ian Quelch
  • Chris Cook
  • Lisa Taylor
  • Mike Creffield
  • Christine Matthews
  • Councillor Simon Edge (MVDC)
  • Morag
  • Sheila staff
  • Lesley Hankin
  • Paul Cullen
  • Anthea Bruce
  • Cheryl Watson
  • Jean Arnold
  • Peter Arnold
  • Berna Basson
  • David Rann
  • Margret Fraser
  • Martin Turner
  • J Collins
  • E Bell
  • J Robinson
  • Peter Felton
  • Anne Felton
  • zohra shaikh
  • Ray Pritchard
  • jan Hudson
  • Brian Eve
  • Neil McDonald
  • Roland McKinney
  • Mary Cann
  • Brian Cann
  • Michael Shilling
  • Jean Harrison
  • Peter Harrison
  • Christopher Booth
  • John Hensby
  • Kate Shilling
  • Margaret Lawson
  • Michael Herbert
  • Margaret Pankhurst
  • Rihard Pankhurst
  • John Edgcumbe
  • Stella French
  • Stuart Reynolds
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