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Petition to: Lower the speed limit on Lingfield Common Road

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Lower the speed limit on Lingfield Common Road. More details

Petition update from the council, 03 August 2018, while petition was still open

Dear petition signers

This petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Local Committee (Tandridge). This will be presented to the Local Committee on 21 September starting at 10.15am which will be held at Tandridge District Council Offices, Station Road East, Oxted, RH8 0BT. The Committee will consider the petition and the officer response at the meeting You are more than welcome to attend and listen to the debate if you would like to.

Kind regards
Sarah Woodworth

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More details from petition creator

1. Reduction in current speed limits of 50mph and 40mph to 30mph throughout from the junction at Ray Lane to the junction with Crowhurst Road and Station Road 2. Painting of double white lines throughout to prevent overtaking. 3. Police presence with speed cameras on a regular basis covering different times of the day and night to deter and fine speeding drivers.

Resident concerns are:

1. Excess speeds, especially during rush hours and late at night, creating dangerous conditions and high volumes of noise. 2. Excess heavy goods vehicles, also travelling at speed creating high volumes of noise and causing houses on Lingfield Common Road to shudder. 3. Poor sight lines, creating difficult and dangerous conditions due to speed of traffic when pulling in and out of resident drive ways, and turning in and out of resident roads. 4. Dangerous conditions when walking on pavement due to narrowness of pavement and speed of traffic.

Current signatories

Ms Beverly Mann, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Don Brown
  • Andrew Jackson
  • f morrell
  • Peter Watson
  • kerry fuller
  • Karen Thompson
  • Ian Thompson
  • Heather Lock
  • Mrs Maria Varbeva-Daley
  • Michael Daley
  • Alek Daley
  • Richard Fuller
  • Elliot Fuller
  • Hayley Fuller
  • Emmie Fuller
  • clara aurora cervera valverde
  • Nicola Keeler
  • Carol wood
  • John Harper
  • patricia mitchell
  • Jane OBrien
  • Peter OBrien
  • Michael Butcher
  • Trevor Reeves
  • Alan Orbell
  • Anne Hardwick
  • Ian Quaife
  • Joe OBrien
  • Tom Holway
  • Janet Harper
  • Mary Watson
  • david brewer
  • Mascha Rorison
  • John Barker
  • Vanessa Barker
  • Mrs Ellen Horrod
  • Roger Nokes
  • Christopher Clark
  • Ellie Clark
  • Peter Beynon
  • Victoria Pugin
  • richard holroyd
  • Rosemary Flood
  • Vivien Hepworth
  • Martin Flood
  • Justin Akhurst
  • Felicity Pool
  • Carole A Lane
  • Peter croft
  • Danielle Croft
  • Carl Blackburn
  • Jane Davis
  • Louise Yeung
  • Marie Blair
  • James Blair
  • Hilary Weston
  • Maisie Rorison
  • Mark Rorison
  • Michael Watson
  • Debs Watson
  • Carol Beynon
  • Sharon Stark
  • Geoff Kells
  • Pauline Kells
  • Michael Burt
  • Susan Barrak
  • Katrina Blackburn
  • Christine Burt
  • Andrea Watson
  • angela PEED
  • alan PEED
  • Patsy Akhurst
  • Diane Butler
  • Stuart Green
  • Yvonne Green
  • Padmapriya
  • Bodhimala
  • Guy collingwood
  • Gemma collingwood
  • Edward Grieves
  • Paul Hanmore
  • Rob Draisey
  • Jean Draisey
  • Peter Denyer
  • Pauline Denyer
  • Laura Pank
  • Robert Pank
  • Updated: 19 Aug 2018