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Petition to: Not Introduce Residents' Parking Permits to Shalford Village

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Not Introduce Residents' Parking Permits to Shalford Village. More details

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We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to stop any introduction of a residents’ parking scheme in Shalford Village, potentially involving the purchase of residents’ parking permits because: The purchase of a permit will not guarantee a space. In lockdown, there still weren’t enough parking spaces in Station Road. We’d risk paying extra money to the council for no benefit. The annual permit fee is £130/2 cars but there is no guarantee this won’t significantly rise yearly. Parking restrictions will inconvenience visiting family and friends and put off potential buyers. We’ll become a suburb of Guildford, no longer a tranquil village. More road signs and markings will harm the street’s character and reduce house values. There is no guarantee that, after buying permits, the council will not further reduce the available parking spaces without residents’ agreement. If such a scheme is introduced, the council would be unlikely to reverse it, even if it fails to produce the hoped-for benefits for the residents. This petition supports keeping free street parking in Shalford Village and we urge the council not to introduce parking restrictions.

Current signatories

Cecilia Taylor, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Denise Clutterbuck
  • Adrian T Taylor
  • Simone Hollander
  • Louise Baumberg
  • David Shilcock
  • John Padilla
  • Adam Baumberg
  • Megan Padilla
  • Charlotte Pearson
  • Simone Shilcock
  • Ben Harding
  • Michael pawley
  • David Needham
  • Josh
  • Paul Cochrane
  • David Fiddler
  • linda fiddler
  • Ross Higgs
  • Natalie Gover
  • Margaret Morley
  • Mary Howard
  • Patricia de Kleuver
  • Leonor Garcia-Albertos Arjona
  • Amanda Thomson
  • Chris Duckett
  • Jan Duckett
  • Angela Townshend
  • Rosemary King
  • Robin Mason
  • Kirsty Ferguson
  • Susan Doughty
  • Dominique Dunsford
  • Dereca Trevail
  • Mandy winnick
  • Stuart reffold
  • Christine Fair
  • Richard Fair
  • Tomas Hasenohrl
  • Zuzana Novakova
  • Helen Restall
  • Neil Moulton
  • D King
  • Andy Vale
  • Oliver Knight
  • Dominic Patterson
  • Scarlett Close
  • gregory kingdon
  • Lucy Ancora
  • J Card
  • Sarah-Lucy Ward
  • Matt Wilson
  • Jazmin Brooks
  • Sarah James
  • Anna Taylor-hopper
  • Leah East
  • Updated: 08 Aug 2020