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Petition to: make our towns and villages safer for pedestrians and cyclists and to stop prioritising the car over other road users.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to make our towns and villages safer for pedestrians and cyclists and to stop prioritising the car over other road users. More details

Petition update from the council, 27 April 2015

I am writing to confirm to you that I have received your petition regarding making roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. This petition will be considered by Mike Goodman, the Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning at his Cabinet Member decision meeting on Wednesday 13 May 2015. This is a public meeting and will be held at 12:30pm in room 107 at County Hall in Kingston.

A response to this petition will be tabled at this meeting and you are welcome to attend and speak for 3 minutes on the issue you have raised. Please let me know if you or a representative will be attending the formal public meeting.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact me on the telephone number below or via email.

Kind regards,

Rianna Hanford
Committee Assistant

More details from petition creator

According to the Department of Transport (, Surrey County Council (SCC) has the highest number of cycling fatalities in the whole of England and is fourth highest for pedestrian fatalities of any highway authority. Pedestrians spend more per week than any other shopper Tfl (Town Centre Study 2011). One in five cars on the road at morning peak traffic times are taking children to school, contributing to congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions. With school pupil numbers projected to rise year on year the school run is expected to have an increasingly negative impact on congestion. One in three children leaves primary school either overweight or obese. ( . Inactivity is costing the Primary Care trust in England in excess of £940million a year. We petition SCC senior leadership team to make our towns and villages safer for pedestrian and cyclists and to stop prioritising the car over other road users. We ask that they look at best practice outside their own County.

Current signatories

Victoria Leake, the petition creator, joined by:

  • James Hayward
  • Clive Bond
  • Ivor Stockdale
  • Chloe Nash
  • Howard Body
  • Julia Bodie
  • Sam Wild
  • Diana Serman
  • Doug Chandler
  • Dawn Wood
  • Solveig Lister
  • Oliver Lister
  • Vanessa O'Hara
  • A Hall
  • Elizabeth Beckett-Milnes
  • Gian Luca Amadei
  • Paul B
  • sarah Philpotts
  • Stewart Pratt
  • Kathryn Ball
  • Rob Haynes
  • Sean Howes
  • Jon Irwin
  • Penny Rivers
  • Wilma Markillie
  • Katherine Henry
  • Samantha Smith
  • Stephen Cromwell
  • Jeremy Vine
  • Wolf Simpson
  • Robert Serman
  • Karen Gleave
  • Jeremy Leach
  • Charlotte Peace
  • RH Man
  • David Harvey Williams
  • Nina Morgan
  • Sandra McHugh
  • Andree Frieze
  • Zoe Clarke
  • Guinevere Barnes
  • Michael ONeil
  • David Rabin
  • Dr Matthew Hardy
  • Andrew Webb
  • Mirella Genziani
  • Peter johnston
  • Paul Rivers
  • K. E. Griffiths
  • Sean Turner
  • Shaun Whatling
  • leake_jeremy
  • Julia Bosley
  • Hugh William Dawes
  • Anna Semlyen
  • Paul Megson
  • Helen Megson
  • Dominic Phillips
  • Shirley Bawtree
  • Helen ST
  • Ed Broomfield
  • Jane Pohorely
  • Sam T
  • Rebecca Norman
  • Emma Graver
  • Paul Robinson
  • Bryan Webster
  • Paul collier
  • Lynn Mills
  • Alan Dennison
  • Marita Saffery
  • Kevin Vollmer
  • lindsay balkham
  • Chris Balkam
  • Anthony Lennard
  • Glyn Durrant
  • Des Garrahan
  • Richard Mason
  • Gavin Starling
  • R I Hicks
  • Kevin Jamez
  • Louise Neil
  • Harry Eve
  • Jo Smith
  • Les Hereward
  • Cyndy Lancaster
  • Daniel Strong
  • H Kent
  • Rob Forshaw
  • Richard Young
  • Anne Renshaw
  • Karl Beardsley
  • Dr Richard Taylor
  • Wayne Yerrell
  • Christopher Tailby
  • M Ramsden
  • Robert Stevenson
  • Robert Fox
  • Rosalind Forsyth
  • Kenneth Dixon
  • Stevan Rose
  • David Weaver
  • Sarah Wood
  • Christy Tilney
  • Mariana Le SAUX
  • Adrian Butter
  • Raymond Parker
  • Pauline
  • Tony Renfrey
  • Richard Deighton
  • Shonagh Finnan
  • Mrs Howard
  • Ann Masset
  • meryl hayes
  • Carolyn Whitfield
  • John Molter
  • Robert Spackman
  • Sue Reeve
  • Celia Chapman
  • Richard Oldham
  • Alec Mackenzie
  • Tricia Macdonald
  • Tariq Rafique for Freida Boutiques Ltd
  • Clive Davidson
  • Daniel Stevens
  • Andrew B
  • dominic batstone
  • David Gray
  • Andrew Marchment
  • Andy Connion
  • Caroline Marchment
  • Stephen Bennett
  • Fabrice Gouttebroze
  • Eric flint
  • Marion Cox
  • Eleanor
  • Lisa Dunning
  • Updated: 20 Jul 2018