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Petition to: make the roads in Waverley safe and keep them properly maintained

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to make the roads in Waverley safe and keep them properly maintained. More details

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More details from petition creator

Repair properly and maintain the roads of Waverley so that potholes and uneven road surfaces do not cause safety issues and damage to property.

Current signatories

Kate Hayes, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Helen Tullett
  • Harriet Chubb
  • Helen Ellis
  • J May
  • Susan Ryland
  • Carol Decker
  • Niki Chew
  • Paul Burton
  • John Richard Newberry
  • John Roake
  • Rosemary Woods
  • Ute Collier
  • Sally Grammel
  • Elizabeth Kennedy
  • Eileen Jones
  • Nathan Baseley
  • Philip Jones
  • Maggie Filer
  • Graham Couch
  • Margaret Stevenson
  • Catherine Laurie
  • Juliet Smith
  • Douglas Laurie
  • Fiona Bell
  • Mike Rabstein
  • Rob Davies
  • Colin Taylor
  • Sally Taylor
  • Jo Pinchbeck
  • Patricia Tapner
  • Robert surridge
  • Vivienne Legge
  • Vicky Legge
  • Catherine Molloy
  • Keith Gregory
  • Nick Wood
  • Alice Knight
  • Clive Thursby
  • Dan Molloy
  • Kyle Clayton
  • Deborah Eeles
  • Paul Eeles
  • Leonora Clayton
  • Nick McConnell
  • Matt McConnell
  • Sue Thwaites
  • Alan Thwaites
  • Anna Hawtree
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2020