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Petition to: Install 20mph speed limit with appropriate Traffic calming and LOW noise road surface

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Install 20mph speed limit with appropriate Traffic calming and LOW noise road surface. More details

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More details from petition creator

Install a 20mph speed limit with appropriate traffic calming and low noise road surface (i.e replace the horrendously noisy, 'cheap' new surface installed by SCC in 2019 in Regent Way Frimley Camberley Surrey. Due to the ever increasing volumes of traffic, caused by constant house construction in the area that are using the road as a rat run. This to increase road safety in a family residential area, after multiple head on's and near misses and to mitigate the absolutely horrendous road noise vibration entering the foundations of the residents properties.

Current signatories

Ian Haygreen, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Debbie Owen
  • Derek Owen
  • Anthony Barretto
  • Rupal Majumdar
  • Rajiv Ahlawat
  • Norman Borrett
  • jenny philby
  • Rosalie Borrett
  • Graham Pugh
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Karen Cunningham
  • Mary Pugh
  • Kathryn Stubley
  • Mr Andrew Bartlett
  • Pamela Banbury
  • Caroline Osborne
  • Andy Stubley
  • Bill Ma
  • prof fang Wang
  • Richard Nussey
  • N Bartlett
  • Valerie Guild
  • John Walsh
  • Helen Bolland
  • Akef choudhary
  • raymond banbury
  • Kevin Griffiths
  • Sue mills
  • Maureen baker
  • Neil Parker
  • Sophie Mackenzie
  • Kristelle Bazeley
  • Susan Henry
  • Helen Paton
  • Mandie Littlejohn
  • Angela Haygreen
  • Sangita
  • Brian Mackenzie
  • Mark Osborne
  • Sean Brady
  • Brenda Harris
  • ed Godolphin
  • terence wakeling
  • Emma Ludkin
  • Emma Redfern
  • Mark keoghan
  • Suzanne Reah
  • Alan Palmer
  • Mr Bagnos Cudiamat
  • Maria Entwisles
  • Robert McNamara
  • Oliver Schuster
  • Laura McAlister
  • Sean McAlister
  • Brenda Wallbank
  • Jan Summerland
  • Claire Sykes
  • Updated: 24 Sep 2020