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Petition to: Protect pedestrians/cyclists passing the Shepperton War Memorial roundabout and enforce effective traffic calming on Renfree Way

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Protect pedestrians/cyclists passing the Shepperton War Memorial roundabout and enforce effective traffic calming on Renfree Way. More details

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More details from petition creator

As local Shepperton residents who live opposite the War Memorial roundabout, we have been victims to numerous accidents caused by speeding drivers who fly down Renfree Way and fail to negotiate the War Memorial roundabout. We are constantly subjected to drivers skidding around as well as cars speeding down Renfree Way, being unable to stop and traveling over the roundabout, across the pavement and into our garden wall. At present there is nothing to stop cars from losing control and hitting someone (eg. school children, pedestrians, cyclists) along the pavement or preventing damage to the properties on the edge of the roundabout. The speed limit on Renfree Way is not enforced which contributes to the reckless driving of many individuals. For the safety of Shepperton residents and other passersby it would make sense to implement safety measures such as bollards or safety barriers around or on the roundabout and speed limit enforcement on Renfree Way to stop a potential fatality in future. Shepperton is a lovely community and it would be tragic to witness a fatal accident which could easily have been prevented.

Current signatories

Mrs Chantal Crossland, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Joel Crossland
  • Emylia Economou
  • George Crossland
  • Peter Fowler
  • Richard Marrill
  • Andrew Rendall
  • Richard straughan
  • Shaun Humphreys
  • John Carpenter
  • Daniel Irving
  • David Bryant
  • Matt Pegg
  • Ben Crossland
  • Liam Mulalley
  • Richard Bartley
  • Peter Scutt
  • Nikki
  • Jamie Rendall
  • Jen Whitfield
  • Simon Tack
  • Annabelle Tolfree
  • Lisa Cresswell
  • Elke Dalla Venezia
  • Anne McGovern
  • Sara Sozio
  • Jamie Millar
  • Julie p hennessey
  • Janet Archibald
  • Dominic Duddy
  • ricky wallis
  • Minesh Patel
  • Laura Ramus
  • Peter Sainsbury
  • Hc
  • Paul
  • Lisa Rollin
  • Lucy Brazil
  • Simone Cruz
  • mark overall
  • Michael Brennan
  • Jodi Chelin
  • Elizabeth Gill
  • Kevin Lufflum
  • Adrian
  • Jean Hill
  • Joelle Sambrook
  • Christine Douglass
  • David Beavis
  • Emma Clark
  • Padraig MacDaid
  • Alistair McKenzie
  • Madison Saunders
  • GF Clayton
  • Nicola Addy
  • Jean Johnston
  • Emma Caudwell
  • Rebekah Griffiths
  • L Hobbs
  • Claire Philpott
  • Naomi Axton
  • Jim Martin
  • R. Reeves
  • Rachel Bannister
  • Nirosha Dawsey
  • Phillippa OConnor
  • Sarah Ockendon
  • Fabio Dalla Venezia
  • Matthew Houghton
  • Jasdip Bassi-Curtis
  • Lynette
  • Elsa Kolar
  • Dario Dalla Venezia
  • Jane Page
  • Michael Page
  • R Petit
  • Caroline Perkins
  • David Matthews
  • Mrs Kath Sanders
  • Updated: 04 Mar 2021