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Petition to: Save Mytchett Children's Centre

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Save Mytchett Children's Centre. More details

Petition update from the council, 14 January 2019

Dear Petition Signers,

This petition has reached enough signatures to be considered at the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 29 January 2019.

This meeting will be held at 2pm on Tuesday 29 January 2019 in the Ashcombe Suite at County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2DN.

The lead petitioner may speak for three minutes at the meeting and a response to the petition will be tabled at the meeting and published within the meeting’s minutes.

This is a public meeting so signers can attend to watch the discussion and this meeting is also webcast so signers can watch this live using the following link:

Kind Regards,

Vicky Hibbert
Senior Manager – Governance
Democratic Services
Tel: 020 8541 9229

More details from petition creator

Due to cuts it is being proposed that the current 58 Children’s Centres are reduced to just 21 across Surrey. This means closing many local Centres that are invaluable to many families & reducing the services that they can provide. These centres will be less accessible for many & affects those that need them the most.

Being a parent is equally a wonderful but challenging time which can lead to parents feeling isolated. Children’s Centres provide somewhere friendly to go & encourages parents to meet other families. Not only do they provide fun groups that are stimulating & educational for young children but they provide much needed advice & support to local families.

In a time where there are so many cuts being made to the Health Visiting services these Centres are more valuable now to families than ever before. Closing them would be such a loss to many & would put more pressure on other services that are already struggling.

Sadly Mytchett Children's Centre is one of the centres due to close. I speak for myself & many others in saying that it would be devastating to see our local Children's Centre go. Please join me in signing this petition to keep Mytchett Childrens Centre running.

Current signatories

Rebecca Calvert, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Lynsey Watson
  • Karly Chick
  • Julie Ann Anderson
  • Wayne bailey
  • Jennifer Tay
  • Katie
  • Lauren
  • Carol Stratford
  • Christina Tay
  • Chloe MacDonald
  • Phil ward
  • Laura
  • Amanda Fielder
  • Lee calvert
  • Emma Kitchen
  • Zoë steadman
  • Kelly Dumbelton
  • Jayne Armstrong
  • Joanna Kingston
  • Sian crampton
  • Stacey Hughes
  • Katie
  • Tina harding
  • David Warner
  • Marey Beecht
  • Melissa Heath
  • Manisha Sinha
  • Sara Chapman
  • Hannah Poole
  • Tom Stockley
  • Emma Henden
  • Sophie Braun
  • Martin Dines
  • Lis Billings
  • Xiaojuan Yan-Mexson
  • Richard stanley
  • Bill Mexson
  • Jenny Whittington
  • Luke Calvert
  • Melanie Martin
  • Bex
  • Rob
  • J.Hall
  • Ann Banks
  • Mark Calvert
  • Frances Calvert
  • Christen Collins
  • Katrina bray
  • Caroline Gayler
  • Craig plimmer
  • Mel
  • Suzanne wallis
  • Joanne Kelly
  • Faye Harrison lees
  • Samantha Gill
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Lynda Huelin
  • Kim Hart
  • Kirsty hennessey
  • Rebecca Gocool
  • Amy Sharp
  • Jo Benger
  • Gemma king
  • Ann-Marie Woodley
  • Rachel lucas
  • Ann wood
  • Rhiannon Smith
  • Hannah King
  • Elaine Miller
  • Michelle Merricks
  • Aisling Bolsover
  • Samantha John
  • Edward Braun
  • Alison Moore
  • Sally-Ann Heaysman
  • Elisabeth Collins
  • Bonnie Ruddock
  • Larraine
  • Victoria
  • Lisa Takel
  • faye carpenter
  • Sophie Sheldrake
  • Rhian Jones
  • Mary Hinton
  • Emma cornelius
  • Rosemary Banks
  • Joe Taylor
  • Nicola Alesbrook
  • Kirsty Hughes
  • Elisa green
  • Sue Morris
  • Angela Fielding
  • Lauren Sanchez
  • Katie Parsons
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Alice Williams
  • Isabel coulling
  • John Kenny
  • Katie Dove
  • Timothy Hughes
  • Louise
  • Nicole Odam
  • Lucy Gilbert
  • Laura Drummond
  • Beverley Gallagher
  • Nadia Martin
  • Mary Prior
  • Charmain Tudor
  • Kevin Nigel Hills
  • Peter Barnett
  • Anne Reynolds
  • Joyce Barnett
  • Sharon Galliford
  • Ashleigh l longmuir
  • Simona Origgi
  • Robert Fernando
  • Judith Paciorek
  • Jennifer Honey
  • thomas Gabbott
  • Robert Weir
  • Sivakanth Sivarajah
  • Updated: 17 Jan 2019