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Petition to: Improve road condition and pedestrian safety on Laleham Road

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Improve road condition and pedestrian safety on Laleham Road. More details

Petition update from the council, 18 June 2020, while petition was still open

Thank you for your petition.

This petition has now been approved and can collect signatures. If the petition attracts the sufficient level of support, it will be presented to the Chairman of Spelthorne Joint Committee to be considered for inclusion at the autumn meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Committee Manager, Carys Walker with any enquiries.

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More details from petition creator

Between South Street and Carlyle Road there have been 11 incidents resulting in a casualty in the last 3 years, including 3 serious casualties. This does not include damage to parked cars. It is clear that the current 30 mph limit is not followed. This increase in traffic volume & speed combined with the high number of parked cars highlights the need for an additional crossing point to be provided. There are no designated pedestrian crossing points between Park Avenue & Wheatsheaf Lane, a distance of some 600 metres. There are multiple pot holes, dips, rises, and broken pieces of road. These have been either patched up or ignored. This results in vehicles weaving across the road to avoid the dips or an increase in vibrations/noise from HGVs. In summary, we would like the council to: - Reduce the speed of the traffic on Laleham Road, be that through increased signage, policing of the limit or reduction in limit. - Install a crossing point for the elderly, between Carlyle Road and Wheatseaf Lane - Address the overall condition of the road, especially between Ruskin Road and Wheatsheaf Lane.

Current signatories

Mr T Byrne, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Jeanette Cosstick
  • RichardCosstick
  • Rita Moore
  • Eric Moore
  • graham musk
  • Juan Feng
  • Matthew Ji
  • David Fletcher
  • Lee Mitchell
  • Eva Mitchell
  • Beverly Musk
  • Abi Musk
  • Yasmin Musk
  • Diane Brady
  • Zoey white
  • Debra Atkin
  • Charlotte Brady
  • Mark Brady
  • A.Kinton
  • Mrs M Kinton
  • Kevin Atkin
  • Ian Sharp
  • Olivia Byrne
  • Hugh Owen
  • Emily Byrne
  • Caroline Twomey
  • Manuel Mascarenhas
  • Aileen Touzel
  • Mrs Anna Mackenzie
  • Tajiinder Ranger
  • Richard Thwaite
  • Ivor Meyrick
  • Sharon Meyrick
  • Pauline Hart
  • Caroline Young
  • Sue Thompson
  • Nicola Byrne
  • John B Slamaker
  • Sarah Evans
  • Robert Caudell
  • Kate Gibbs
  • David Gibbs
  • Lisa Gonzalez
  • Andy Highgate
  • Onyebuchi okafor
  • Jean Turner
  • Cecelia Byrne
  • Emily Fisk
  • Daniel May
  • Divya Kerslake
  • Christine Caudell
  • Ed Straw
  • Carol Belshaw
  • Colin Rush
  • Colin Rush
  • Susan Rush
  • Sandra Fernandes
  • Ian Harding
  • Julia Lawrence
  • Susan Stevens
  • Antony Stevens
  • Len Marriott
  • Tracy Luck
  • Michael Birchall
  • Daniel O’Shea
  • Sophia mansell
  • Rachel burnell
  • Sara Harding
  • Mick Smartt
  • Jane Smartt
  • Rebecca Hoskin
  • Anita Allinson
  • Peter Allinson
  • Maria Hibbins-Butler
  • S O’Sullivan
  • Linda Bolster
  • Janet Meares
  • Sarah Burton
  • Hayley Barnett
  • Nicholas Connelly
  • Fiona Connelly
  • Laura Connelly
  • Emma Connelly
  • Josephine Soane
  • Susan Thompson
  • Claire Phillips
  • Judy Hoskin
  • Mark Donald
  • Claire Maynard
  • Lindsay Donald
  • Lucianne Hoskin
  • Suzanne Williams
  • Debra Newton
  • Chris Newton
  • James Murray Williamson
  • John Delaney
  • Ann Delaney
  • Hilary Matthews
  • Julie Catchpole
  • Mark Bartkowski
  • Zsuzsanna Fabian
  • Sylvia Lynch
  • Caroline Battams
  • Ray Mears
  • Jean Mears
  • Robert Acklam
  • Elaine Acklam
  • Roberta Spurrier
  • Paul Robinson
  • Zoe Robinson
  • Claire Marks
  • Joanne powley
  • Marco Giordanengo
  • Stuart Wimbush
  • Natalie Giordanengo
  • Neal Moffat
  • Lisa Chapman
  • Joanne Breare
  • Susan Elms
  • Daniel Barker
  • Stephanie Hudson
  • John Brodnicki
  • Chris Radford
  • Elianora Gascoigne
  • Pratibha Sharma
  • m.hesbrook
  • Amanda Barker
  • Richard Cozens
  • Nigel Hedges
  • Leigh Bowering
  • Ann Allen
  • Michelle Watson
  • Christina Blues
  • Trudy Ahmed
  • Shakeel Ahmed
  • Carol Jones
  • Maggie Sharp
  • Lynda Fuller
  • Updated: 16 Jul 2020