Petition to: Slow the Traffic on Laleham road in shepperton

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Slow the Traffic on Laleham road in shepperton. More details

Petition update from the council, 28 June 2021

Good afternoon.
Please see below the response to the petition about traffic speed on Laleham Road in Shepperton.

The B376 Laleham Road, Staines is a ‘B’ – classified urban two-way single carriageway road, approximately 1 mile in length. It forms part of the B376, which runs from Shepperton to Staines and is part of Surrey County Councils Priority Route Network 3. The section of Laleham Road in question (junction with Sheep Walk and Shepperton High Street) is approximately 0.6 miles in length and is subject to a 30mph speed limit.
The road has a continuous system of street lighting. The residential properties that border the section of Laleham Road in question have off- street parking. There is a continuous footway on both sides of the carriageway. There are two uncontrolled pedestrian crossings within the section in question; Pedestrian refuge island on approach to junction with Tanglyn Avenue, and another Pedestrian refuge island on the eastern side of the bridge over the M3.
There is a Vehicle Activated Sign located on the western side of the bridge travelling towards Laleham.

Road Safety – Collisions Involving Personal Injury 01/01/17 – 31/12/20
The council currently receives funding to be used specifically to reduce road casualties. In partnership with Surrey Police road collisions are monitored across the county. There are thousands of road traffic collisions every year that result in an injury, the vast majority of which are caused by human error. We focus our road safety resources on those sites where there are patterns of casualties, because we can then be reasonably confident of identifying whether an engineering intervention might help reduce the frequency of casualties at a particular site. We then prioritise investment in those sites with the highest frequency of casualties, where we believe an engineering intervention would be beneficial. Given the number of existing sites where there are patterns of casualties, when considering investment in road safety we are obliged to prioritise those sites with the greatest frequency of casualties, ahead of those sites with a lesser frequency of casualties.
Surrey Police shares data on collisions where an injury has been recorded. The police record likely factors that may have contributed to a collision resulting in injury. Collision data may be viewed on the publicly accessible website Crash Map.
When monitoring road casualties, it is standard practice to review data from the most recent three-year period. This enables patterns to be identified and sites to be compared. Available data between 1st January 2017 to 31 December 2020 records the following:
• 18 January 2018; Whilst in a line of slow-moving traffic, vehicle 1 made to turn right into Manor Farm Avenue, when a cyclist collided with vehicle 1; slight injury; recorded factor ‘Failed to judge other person’s path of speed’

• 21 April 2018; Vehicle 1 stopped to allow a vehicle to reverse from a driveway, vehicle two collided with the rear of vehicle one; slight injury; recorded factor of ‘Failed to look properly’.

• 2 September 2018; Crossroads junction with High Street and Green Lane. A marked police vehicle approached the traffic signals on amber, vehicle 2 sped across the police car’s path causing vehicle 2 to break hard and collide with police car. Disobeyed double white line and red light; recorded factor ‘aggressive driving’ and ‘Police in pursuit’

• 14 October 2018; Motorbike traveling towards Laleham, breaks have been applied to front wheel which has caused the motorbike to slip over, and rider coming off the motorbike; slight injury; recorded factor ‘Inexperienced or learner driver/rider’

• 30 January 2019; Junction with Shepperton Court Drive. Vehicle 1 on the approach to the bridge over the M3 has come across a patch of black ice, causing the vehicle to hit a kerb, bollard and lamp post; slight injury; recorded factor ‘Loss of control due to weather’

• 28 March 2019; Vehicle 1 has mounted the pavement and collided with pedestrian causing injuries. This accident was reported ‘over the phone’ to the police; slight injury; recorded factor ‘Loss of control’

• 28 April 2019; While waiting to exit the slip road onto Laleham Road, vehicle 2 travelling behind on slip road collided with vehicle 1; slight injury; Accident was reported over the phone, no recorded factor

• 14 December 2020; Vehicle 1 stopped to turn into junction with unclassified Road and was struck behind from Vehicle 2; slight injury; recorded factor ‘Failed to judge other persons path or speed’
One collision involved a pedestrian. One collision involved a cyclist. Excess speed was not recorded by Surrey Police as a contributory factor in any of the seven recorded collisions.
The location and collision history of Laleham Road Shepperton was last discussed at a meeting of the Road Safety Partnership of Surrey County Council and Surrey Police in May 2019.
These Road Safety Working Group (RSWG) are regular meetings between Surrey Highways and Surrey Police’s Road Safety and Traffic Management Team to discuss road safety issues across the borough. Locations with a poor safety record are identified by analysing collision data and trends. Locations of community concern are also considered, when residents, elected members or community surveys have highlighted locations where it is thought that there may be a traffic problem. Assessment potentially leads to the development of measures such as physical changes, enforcement, or educational campaigns.
The recorded conclusion was “There are no treatable accident patterns. No further action for Road Safety Working Group”
Surrey County Council and Surrey Police have collaborated to create local speed management plans for each of Surrey’s 11 Boroughs and Districts. These plans list those stretches of road where speeding vehicles are a prime issue either because of a history of collisions or because of concerns raised by residents. The aim of each plan is to ensure that the roads with the worst speeding problems are identified and prioritised. Laleham Road, Shepperton was last investigated by Surrey County Councils Speed Management Plan in 2018. Speed surveys were undertaken, the average speed was recorded at 28mph. As this showed a good compliance with the 30mph speed limit, no further action was taken, and the location was archived. As a result of this petitioners raised concerns, Surrey Police will conduct a seven-day speed survey on Laleham Road (between Sheep Walk and The High Street) to determine actual vehicle speeds, which will allow appropriate assessment of the speed limit.
Together with the petitioner’s concerns and the speed survey data, this location will be discussed and reviewed at the next Speed Management Meeting in November 2021 where it may be decided to remove the site from the archive and include the road for regular enforcement by Surrey Police.
Speeding is essentially a Police enforcement issue as driving in excess of the posted speed limit is a criminal offence for which the Police, as the sole highway enforcement agency, have powers to deal with offenders who unashamedly flout the law, quickly and effectively.
Where there are significant community concerns over speeding and road safety, an option for local residents is to take part in a ‘Community Speed Watch’. Community Speed Watch is an initiative by Surrey Police. This consists of local residents taking part in a visible speed data collection. Surrey Police provide local volunteers with equipment and training to be able to monitor vehicle speeds and note the registration details of speeding vehicles. Surrey Police then issue letters to the keepers of vehicles who have been detected speeding to provide a warning against speeding at that location. Further police action may then be taken against motorists who are detected speeding several times or excessively over the posted speed limit.
For further information on Drive SMART visit the dedicated website:

Gregory Yeoman
Partnership Committee Officer (Guildford, Runnymede and Spelthorne)
Community Partnerships & Engagement Team
Communities and Transformation


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The stretch of laleham road from Jacks fish and chips towards shepperton high street. Used as a race track by some motorists and with the pavements being so narrow it makes it very dangerous.

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