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Petition to: Resurface part of Hampton Court Way at KT7 0LS

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Resurface part of Hampton Court Way at KT7 0LS. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 03 January 2020

Dear Petitioners

This petition was considered at the Elmbridge Local Committee meeting on 5 December. The Committee was concerned at the effects on the health and wellbeing of residents and asked the Area Highways Manager to follow up further with those involved with a view to resolving the issue as soon as possible. The minutes of the meeting may be viewed via this link

Nicola Morris, Partnership Committee Officer

Petition update 1 from the council, 12 November 2019, while petition was still open

Dear petitioners

This petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Local Committee (Elmbridge). This will be presented to the Local Committee on 5 December 2019 at 4pm which will be held at Elmbridge Civic Centre, Esher. The Committee will consider the petition and the officer response at the meeting. You are more than welcome to attend and listen to the debate if you would like to.

The agenda for the meeting can be viewed via this link about a week before the meeting.

Nicola Morris, Partnership Committee Officer

More details from petition creator

The residents of Hampton Court Way, Thames Ditton are petitioning Surrey County Council to repair and resurface the main carriageway (not the slip road) between 1 and 12 Hampton Court Way.

The concrete plates under the road surface are rocking under the weight of HGVs causing a lip/hump effect of the tarmac between the concrete plates. The tarmac build up has created several humps and dips in the carriageway. The result of vehicles traversing these humps is: extreme vibration felt in properties; noise disturbance to all the residents; health concerns owing to a lack of sleep; educational issues because children being woken up are tired at school; damage to the mortar and plaster at residents properties. Despite several years of requests to the council nothing has been done or planned. The residents want full resurfacing of the road not just patched repairs that do not solve the problem. The residents demand a full investigation of the situation considering the amount of resurfacing work taking place nearby.

Current signatories

Ros Rowlatt, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Stuart gilson
  • Martin Rowlatt
  • zack rowlatt
  • zara rowlatt
  • Joanna cook
  • Olivia gilson
  • Stacey gilson
  • Paul Griffiths
  • Sarah Towell
  • Jeanette Butler
  • Tomas Spolander
  • Ros St John
  • Vivienne Bryans
  • Amanda Wood
  • Amanda Van Heerden
  • Chetan Vyas
  • Glen Ross
  • John Bryans
  • Anthony Damon
  • Margaret Damon
  • Janet Ross
  • Amelia Bryans
  • Ian McLaren
  • Helen Lawson
  • Annette robertson
  • Amelia Atkins
  • Belinda Roberts
  • Richard Haines
  • Amy Tocock
  • Felicity Haines
  • Heidi Stevens
  • Alison Rawsthorne
  • Jenny Peters
  • John Peters
  • Updated: 31 May 2020