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Petition to: Stop the Bus route Fastway 20 through the Acres and along historic, quiet Langshott Horley

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Stop the Bus route Fastway 20 through the Acres and along historic, quiet Langshott Horley. More details

More details from petition creator

The council have decided that it is a good idea to run the bus route through the Acres development, and then to run the bus down the very quiet, picturesque Langshott lane. This is a terrible idea and awful planning, that should never have got the green light. Indeed even Chris Parry, of Surrey County Council Public Transport Project Team verbalised he didnt think the routing was appropriate, but thats what it is.

Regards Langshott, it is a picturesque old lane and having a bus travel, down it every 20 minutes will ruin its character and charm. Many ramblers as well as children walk along the lane. With a bus every 20 minutes between means approximately 50 bus movements a day. A number of houses on the lane are listed with ancient windows and no double glazing and the sound of these commercial vehicles will impact upon these residents.

We in the acres and Langshott, for who the bus serves, state we do not want the bus service to alter its existing route and encroach upon our roads, if we use it we are happy to walk to the existing stop.

We ask the council to reconsider its decision to destroy the quiet nature of Langshott, and to stop commercial buses driving around a residential estate.

Current signatories

Stephen Dorran, the petition creator, joined by:

  • stephen dorran
  • Andrew Post
  • Louisa wheadon
  • Rob press
  • Laura James
  • Courtney Wise
  • Toby Hurst
  • Richard Brown
  • D savery
  • roger stevens
  • Amanda Crabtree
  • M.Wooding
  • Melanie Webb
  • Channakeshava Chandrashekarappa
  • John Charles grant
  • Dawn grant
  • Julie truman
  • Narendra Chavda
  • Michael Hale
  • Chris Clue
  • keith
  • Lisa Kennard
  • Jennifer Wells
  • Johanna Stark
  • Suzanne Dorran
  • Alasdair Wolski
  • Natalia Wolski
  • Yvonne Ballard
  • William Ballard
  • Trevor A'court
  • David Peart
  • P Wheller
  • R Wheller
  • Caron Francis
  • Zoe Andrews
  • Nicola Yeoell
  • Charlie Yeoell
  • Updated: 26 Apr 2018