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Petition to: Improve road condition and pedestrian safety on Effingham Road

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Improve road condition and pedestrian safety on Effingham Road. More details

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More details from petition creator

Road safety improvements at Effingham Road, Long Ditton.

The pedestrian crossing facilities in Effingham Road are non existent and there have been at least 3 known casualties on this stretch of road in recent years.

This is a particularly busy road where the K3 Bus stops twice each way and it is next to both the Long Ditton and Victoria Recreation Grounds. In addition Effingham Road is within walking distance of 5 local schools and is frequently used by children.

We are seeking pedestrian crossing facilities and the three most obvious places to improve Effingham Road would be at both ends and in the middle at Windmill Lane.

Current signatories

Sandra Latner, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Michael Latner
  • Elliot Taylor
  • Suzanna Reed
  • Lisa Lee
  • Adam Summers
  • Rebecca Lister
  • Emily Burgess
  • Updated: 08 Aug 2020