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Petition to: Validate Traffic modelling statistics

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Validate Traffic modelling statistics. More details

Petition update from the council, 08 February 2016

Dear Petitioners,

Thank you for signing this petition.

I can confirm that this has received enough votes to be considered at the next Highways, Transport and Flooding Cabinet Member Decision Meeting.

This meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 March at 2.00pm at County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DN.

The petition creator is permitted to present the petition at the meeting, three minutes will be allowed for this. A response to the petition will be provided at the meeting. Please confirm to me whether you will be presenting the petition at the meeting. If the petition creator requires someone else to speak in their place at the meeting please confirm this to me by email.

If anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Rianna Hanford

Committee Assistant
0208 213 2662

More details from petition creator

We the undersigned call upon Surrey County Council to agree to undertake traffic monitoring around all new development sites:

1 month after release of each phase for large, phased developments, or completion for smaller sites

and again 3 months after full occupation,

to validate the data provided by the developer at the time of the application and to assess whether the input data was accurate or flawed, or whether the modelling software used by developers requires to be adapted.

This information should include a manual count travel direction survey for larger sites of 50+ new homes, and large retail, school, offices or similar buildings.

The results are to be compiled into a report, to include accident statistics in the vicinity of the new development, and the incremental traffic increases since the last traffic surveys in the vicinity. The report is to be published on Surrey County Council's website within two calendar months of each survey and provided to all SCC Highways Officers responsible for assessing the suitability of planning applications, and all Borough Councils' planning departments, for informing their decisions regarding new planning applications.

Current signatories

Mrs Diane Doney, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Beulah Kingston
  • David Allen
  • Guy Consterdine
  • Christopher Gordon Anthony
  • Jeffery Llewellyn
  • Mrs Hazel Mortimer
  • Steve Fox
  • Kim Gadsby
  • Elisabeth Noble
  • Andy Gumbrell
  • Paul Godfrey
  • Lee Scott
  • Keith Young
  • Sebastian Spence
  • Greta Wall
  • Wendy Ross
  • Nicola Taplin
  • Gary Irving
  • Nigel Taylor
  • p.maxwell
  • Warwick Croucher
  • Robert Oswald
  • Lynda Chatfield
  • Laura Waters
  • Jill Hungate
  • Dan Roberts
  • Natalie Kerr
  • Anthony Gillett
  • Pam Gillett
  • Ranjit Bhamra
  • Michael Ware
  • John Smith
  • Elaine Baker
  • Jennifer Ellis
  • richard docketty
  • Vanessa mosdell
  • Jeanette Pearce
  • Martin Ross
  • Brian Fifield
  • Julian Cranwell
  • Viv Stribling
  • Harry Eve
  • Pauline Wells
  • John Lewin
  • Frederick Wells
  • Marianne Mathews
  • Rick Orsman
  • Mrs. Kneller
  • Mr M O'Donovan
  • Jacqui Drew
  • J P Moyer
  • Christophe Dupré
  • David Wilson
  • HC De-Loyde
  • Peter Bignell
  • Diana Farndale
  • Claire Scott
  • Judith Douch
  • Denise Fifield
  • Katy Broughton
  • P Ward
  • S Ward
  • B Crooke
  • M Burgess
  • Tina Robinson
  • Gary frank
  • Susan Leigh
  • Phillipa Allison
  • Maggie Gower
  • Robert Gower
  • Janette Panton
  • Lynette Dwyer
  • Helen M Jefferies
  • Jackie Dwyer
  • Gary Parkin
  • Sue Corral
  • Peter Wilkinson
  • Sallianne Harvey
  • Debbie Price
  • s. raynsford
  • A Raynsford
  • Nick Norton
  • ben kirtley
  • John Peddie
  • John Walsh
  • Peter Mompalao
  • Elizabeth Carr
  • Charlotte Poole
  • Gordon Adam
  • Hazel Still
  • Hannah Croke
  • Tony O'TOOLE
  • Samantha Wareham
  • William Bainbridge
  • Peter Doney
  • Graham Bower-Wood
  • Mandy Page-Smith
  • Bob Panton
  • Brenda Ord
  • Richard Harris
  • Peter Loveland
  • Hazel Cleasson
  • Cahill
  • Ralph Dalton
  • Desislava Veeramootoo
  • mick bateman
  • Paul Edwards
  • Janet Edwards
  • John Bohan
  • C Farmer
  • Sue Harris
  • Carolyn Baker
  • Fred Roberts
  • Darryl Nash
  • Lou Nash
  • Matthew Nash
  • Rebecca Nash
  • Jodie Nash
  • D Bradbery
  • R. Gallacher
  • Mark Jones
  • anthony.warden
  • James Barrow
  • Updated: 26 Feb 2020