Petition to: Postpone the daytime closure of Chobham Fire Station

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Postpone the daytime closure of Chobham Fire Station. More details

Petition update 2 from the council, 08 March 2021


“The priority for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is keeping Surrey residents safe. Our main objective is to ensure that incidents do not happen in the first place, which the Making Surrey Safer Plan (MSSP) addresses by rebalancing resources. In an emergency however we will always respond to an incident.

SFRS operate a dynamic response model which uses real-time data showing fluctuating levels of risk and incidents across the county. Our fire engines are moving around the county using differing fire stations as deployment locations all of the time. The dynamic nature of the response services provided, which changes on the basis of risk at any time, means that fire station ‘grounds’ or areas perceived to be responded to by a given fire engine or fire station, only exist for the purpose of delivering Community Resilience activities.

In 2012, SFRS decided that daytime cover was no longer required from Chobham Fire Station based on data and evidence. If a fire engine was required in the area this would come from a neighbouring fire station. Chobham Fire Station has been a nights and weekends on-call unit since 2014. Therefore, there were no operational changes at Chobham Fire Station as a result of the MSSP.

There was a historic issue with misaligned employment contracts and it has taken until recently to ensure these have been aligned to the requirement for Chobham set out in 2014 (i.e. staff on contracts they were unable to fulfil due to the MSSP stating weekends/night only) which has now been rectified. This error impacted not only Chobham station but also Gomshall and Guildford fire stations who had staff on mixed and day contracts. All of these people have now been issued the correct contracts.

Our performance data shows that we have been exceeding our target of first frontline appliance to critical incidents within 10 minutes and have started to improve even further since the first Phase of the Making Surrey Safer Plan was implemented on 1st April 2020. Our current performance data from 1 April to 31 December 2020 shows that our average response times for first appliance to critical incidents is 7 minutes and 45 seconds, which is well within our response standard. In 2020, we saw a 9.6% decrease in incidents attended in Surrey.

The service is confident that we have designed the optimum plan for the people of Surrey that is fit for the future.”

Ms Denise Turner-Stewart
Cabinet Member for Community Protection
9 March 2021

link to watch webcast of meeting: https://surreycc.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcasts

Petition update 1 from the council, 10 February 2021

Dear Petition Signers

This petition will be considered by the Cabinet Member for Community Protection Decisions.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 9 March 2021 at 3pm. The lead petitioner may speak for three minutes at the meeting which will be held remotely via Microsoft Teams.

This meeting will also be live webcast so signers can watch the discussion.

A link to join the meeting will be posted here for petitioners and on the Cabinet Member Decisions webpage.

Angela Guest
Democratic Services

More details from petition creator

Chobham Fire Station is set to close between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday, from 1 December 2020. The Council's Making Surrey Safer plan dates back to 2019 and does not take account of coronavirus. Lockdowns mean families are at home during the day midweek now. This means increased risk of house fires and more fatalities when they occur.

Response times are very important when dealing with house fires, so when a fire engine arrives from a more distant station it may be too late. Weekdays should be treated like weekends or evenings until the pandemic is over.

Please postpone the daytime closure of the fire station until the pandemic is over. This will protect lives and property in Chobham, Windlesham and the surrounding area.

Current signatories

Mr Richard Wilson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Morgan Rise
  • Philippa
  • L P Spencer
  • Sinead Lehmann
  • Carla Morson
  • Jacques Olmo
  • jo ward
  • Lizzie Busby
  • Siobhan Watson-Pinto
  • Julie Welch
  • Simon Johnston
  • Raul O’Meara
  • Richard fisher
  • Maizie Mears-Owen
  • Nuno Sergio Pinto
  • Nathan Khan
  • Rebecca Wilkins
  • Alex h
  • jenny pink
  • Jane Wescott
  • Mike Thomason
  • Sam Elswood
  • Jill Davis
  • Nicola Burrows
  • Chris Stephenson
  • Graeme Dyall
  • Sue Wyeth-Price
  • Eirwen Coe
  • Robert Talbot
  • Steve Bond
  • Vicki Tier
  • Linda Hizzey
  • Peter Roberts
  • Hannah Aries
  • David Warren
  • Brendan Lansley
  • Michael Chapple
  • Heather Charman
  • Sarah-Jane Morris
  • Robert Ansell
  • Mel Gregg
  • Caroline Reeves
  • Dave Smith
  • Sarah ONeill
  • Tracy bond
  • Maxine
  • Claire Attridge
  • Ellis Nimmo
  • Sue Halhead-Baker
  • Chris Phoenix
  • Kirsty Turner
  • Jackie Reynolds
  • Catherine Houston
  • Gavin
  • Sue Tester
  • Mark Rye
  • Dawn Weston
  • Mark Jones
  • Shelly Westbrooke
  • Emily Robinson
  • Martyn Howell
  • Stephen Telling
  • Sarah
  • June staples
  • Sandra Keates
  • Mr David Harper
  • Immi
  • Sarah Kingsley
  • Anne Reynolds
  • Amanda Tulk
  • Russell Triggs
  • Rachel Blake
  • Jackie Foreman
  • Valerie Mason
  • Ben Harris
  • Chantelle Cairney
  • Kim Burfield
  • Ann Watson
  • Tammy Shaw
  • Desiree Pereira
  • Elaine Jesson
  • Hannah
  • Natalie wood
  • Angelina Bowden
  • R.kirtley
  • Alma Weston
  • Rita Thorpe
  • Adey Allison
  • Neil
  • Lisa Lynch
  • Elsa Godinho
  • Simon Harris
  • Racheal Gallup
  • Martyn Neilson
  • Michelle Elston
  • Michelle Kemp
  • Janet
  • Debra Montague
  • Don Johnston
  • Samantha Hammond
  • Amy Claydon
  • Richard C Orsman
  • Melissa Kidson
  • Carole
  • Lindsay Williams
  • James Mitchell
  • Erika Thomas
  • Natasha Robins
  • Leanne
  • Erin
  • Alison Flanders
  • Angus MacKenzie
  • Maureen Jenner
  • Sandra Jefferies
  • Jose Oliveira
  • Rita
  • Sandra ballard
  • Kester Oliveira
  • Mike Vandenberg
  • L Driscoll
  • Irene Pollard
  • John Schluter
  • Anne Newnham
  • E Lee
  • Elaine Williams
  • Guy Rogers
  • Graham Fenning
  • David Richardson
  • Alan treumann
  • Debbie Pegg
  • Graham Thomas
  • Michael Cover
  • nicola lewis
  • Josie Parr
  • Collin Flower
  • Lucy Cavey
  • Lesly Bowen
  • Giles Hinton
  • Emma Kennedy
  • Sima Kondiah
  • Sally Peries
  • David Edwards
  • Rebekah Day
  • Diane Ashworth
  • Sally Hodgins
  • Lesley Blackburn
  • Simon Bartlett
  • Paul Friend
  • john bray
  • Sue Truby
  • Maria Burke
  • Peter Ashworth
  • Elaine Park
  • Chris Ramsden
  • Lucy Martin
  • Mark Brannigan
  • Liz Alexander
  • Jerold Reed
  • Heidi Laing
  • Regan Hook
  • David John Esdaile
  • Gillian Higgins
  • Chrissie McCracken
  • Carolyne Smith
  • Natasha Maddison
  • Debbie Payne
  • Katrina
  • Kel Finan-Cooke
  • Lisa Nicholls
  • Angela Sievering
  • Emma chennells
  • Rob Evison
  • Sharon Gray
  • Christine Naylor
  • Deborah Bardini
  • Stuart Noble
  • Chrissie Eggleton
  • Jonathan Lewis
  • Ali Orchard
  • Selam Adamu
  • Mr Michael Wood
  • Anthea
  • Errol Maile
  • Karen Brain
  • Alan Reid
  • Jason Banham
  • Bob Finch
  • Ruth burgess
  • Cary Gibbs
  • Catherine Gibbs
  • Margaret Melrose
  • Sylvia McCully
  • Ruth Hutchinson
  • Martin Hickford
  • Claire Hallgalley
  • Al Pinkerton
  • Julia Gooderham
  • Eric Brain
  • Lyn Day
  • Diana Roberts
  • Patrick Culligan
  • M.Heale
  • Hazel Sargent
  • Ian Richardson
  • Dinah Bisdee
  • Celia McAlister
  • Patricia Naisby
  • Donna Franklin
  • Nikki Siviter
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  • Alice Bauld
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  • Bronwyn van Vuuren
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  • Rachel Teasdale
  • Valerie Halloway
  • Nicholas March
  • D Steele-Bodger
  • Lee Aries