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Petition to: address the issue of cars parking along Church Road opposite the entrance to Bookham Station

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to address the issue of cars parking along Church Road opposite the entrance to Bookham Station. More details

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More details from petition creator

Cars are parking along Church Road Bookham, opposite Bookham Station entrance. This is very close to Bookham Court which is adjacent to the station entrance. It has become hazardous turning out of Bookham Court onto the road. It has also become hazardous when turning into the station entrance, especially for buses who call there too. It is possible other residential developments near Bookham Court find it hazardous when turining out onto Church Road. It is possible people are parking on the road because of the station car park charges, and a new housing development nearby.

Current signatories

Ryan Pannell, the petition creator, joined by:

  • David Hearn
  • Jennifer Orme
  • Anthony Laynes
  • Maureen Jordan
  • paul bird
  • june bird
  • Mark Salzedo
  • Sandra Holland
  • Leslie Huett
  • Andrew Moriarty
  • Michael Agius
  • Sheila Carnegie
  • Amanda Hewitt
  • Grant Woodham
  • Suzi Kirby
  • Catherine Hoyland
  • Helen Lansdell
  • Linda Weller
  • Chloe Kirk
  • John Weller
  • Tracy Baldwin
  • Marina Salzedo
  • Elaine Howard
  • Sally Keeble
  • Ann James
  • Phillipa Birks
  • Paul West
  • Jessica Birks
  • Emilia Birks
  • Steve birks
  • Robert Munday
  • Phil Stonell
  • David Greenyer
  • L Tilbury
  • Felicity Clark
  • Matt Carroll
  • Lee Plumbridge
  • Christine Buckingham
  • Stephen King
  • Paul Kennedy
  • Lorraine Smith
  • Mark Mellor
  • John Menhennett
  • Fraser
  • Hayley Abernethy
  • Neil Alderson
  • Tracy Wright
  • Michael Wigham
  • Laura Casling
  • Sean whelan
  • Abbie
  • Chris Jones
  • Luke Padfield
  • Angela Maddus
  • john Hickey
  • Min Kim
  • Updated: 24 Feb 2019