Petition to: Make the A30 safer for Pedestrians along the Road (Old Dean)

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We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Make the A30 safer for Pedestrians along the Road (Old Dean). More details

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As part of our GCSE, we have been asked to choose a topic that will impact the local area/ community. We would like to put up guardrails along the A30, near the Caesar's Camp Road junction; this would mean that students and pedestrians would have to cross using the footbridge or the at the traffic lights.

This idea had been enforced by the lives that have been lost due to collisions with cars, crossing the road, therefore the barriers will help to keep them safe and stop people being careless. For example, in 2016 a student ran across trying to dodge the cars but ended up getting hit and sadly passed away so the barriers will help to prevent future occurrences. The barriers will also act as a form of protection because it will stop pedestrians getting hit by cars that have gone out of control and causing possibly fatal injuries.

By signing this petition, you are not only helping us with our GCSE but helping the community make it safer.

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