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Petition to: Reduce the speed limit on the A24 South up the hill from the Cockerel roundabout until past the old Kuoni site , from the current 50 mph to a safer slower speed reflecting the residential area.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Reduce the speed limit on the A24 South up the hill from the Cockerel roundabout until past the old Kuoni site , from the current 50 mph to a safer slower speed reflecting the residential area. More details

Petition update from the council, 28 November 2019, while petition was still open

This petition has met the relevant criteria to be considered by the Local Committee (Mole Valley). This will be presented to the Local Committee on 22 January. The meeting begins at 2pm and is held in the Council Chamber at Mole Valley District Council Offices, Pippbrook in Dorking. The Committee will consider the petition and the officer response at the meeting. You are more than welcome to attend and listen to the debate if you would like to.

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More details from petition creator

Petition to improve road safety for both pedestrians and road users by reducing the speed of traffic that effects the junctions of Deepdene Drive, Deepdene Avenue and South Drive as they enter the main A24. There have been a number of incidents where collisions have occurred between cars both entering and exiting the A24 and unfortunately on 23 July a fatal traffic incident took place when a car entered the A24 from South Drive causing a collision with a van travelling up the hill which resulted the death of the car driver. All of these junctions have severe difficulty entering the main A24 safely due to both the volume and speed of the traffic and the poor visibility. We understand that the old Kuoni site may soon become a housing development which will only further increase the problems and danger of traffic entering and exiting the A24.

Current signatories

Mrs Chris Lane, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Stewart Lane
  • Alexander Rahaman
  • Amelia Rahaman
  • Graham Faulkner
  • Mark Butler
  • Tom Hollands
  • Michael Faulkner
  • Liz Bradshaw
  • Gabriella Ladogana
  • Alice Bradshaw
  • Louise Hollands
  • Graham Hollands
  • Judi Lane
  • Sally Hornung
  • Alastair Bradshaw
  • Sandra Cape
  • David Cape
  • Brenda Thomas
  • Lindsay Moore
  • Dawn Faulkner
  • Christopher Sumner
  • Robert Eatwell
  • Simon Harber
  • Stuart Ferguson
  • Keith Grainger
  • Anthony Lane
  • Tim Mahoney
  • Chris Reed
  • Louise Mahoney
  • Jonathan Douglas
  • John Holden
  • Emma Fitzsimmons
  • Rich Vanstone
  • Toby Winter
  • chris pickford
  • Jacqui Bootle
  • Steve Imber
  • Tim Lane
  • Rosemary Enoch
  • Paul Mclellan
  • Jovana Imber
  • Will Dugdale
  • Thomas Standley
  • Chris Day
  • Peter Hajittofi
  • Robert Watts
  • Jill Pittam
  • Susan Moore
  • Jean Skeet
  • Kevin Skeet
  • Ewa Jackson
  • Jenny Reavley
  • Kate Stanley
  • Catharine Clark
  • Peter Mann
  • Natasha Chalmers
  • James Brian Unwin
  • Nigel Pittam
  • Lawrence Comber
  • Jane Mclellan
  • Katherine Walker
  • Jason Stanley
  • Kelly Fitzsimmons
  • Clare Bailey
  • James Mayes
  • Shaun broadbent
  • Andy Jackson
  • Paul Simon
  • Jane McDonald
  • John Arnold
  • Peter Mulholland
  • Tracey Slater
  • David Langford
  • Andrew Laver
  • Carol Goodwin
  • Pauline May
  • Antonia Moon
  • Clare Beresford
  • William Hannan
  • Lisa Clancey
  • Stephen Rice
  • Susan Naing
  • Robin Johnson
  • Pat Horitz
  • Jeremy Phillipson
  • Thelma Matton
  • Christine Read
  • Rebecca Halsey
  • Wendy Crozier
  • Katie Williams
  • Heather Goddard
  • Marco Kapp
  • Wendy Butcher
  • David Stagg
  • Helen Slater
  • Liga Dugdale
  • Elizabeth Marett
  • Susan Dodds
  • Michelle Kirk
  • Daniel Kirk
  • Sophie Roberts
  • Jenny Davidson
  • John Young
  • Margaret Taylor
  • Paul Gough
  • Janine Young
  • Deb Child
  • Graham Greengrass
  • Barrington Collins
  • Marie (Mo) Gough
  • Paul Crozier
  • Updated: 06 Dec 2019