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Petition to: Change the speed limit to 30mph on the A287 through Beacon Hill

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Change the speed limit to 30mph on the A287 through Beacon Hill. More details

Petition update from the council, 25 October 2019, while petition was still open

Thank you for your petition 'Change the speed limit to 30mph on the A287 through Beacon Hill'. If your petition reaches at least 30 signatures by the deadline of 25 February 2020, it will be considered by the Waverley Local Committee on 13 March 2020.

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More details from petition creator

We represent the residents of Beacon Hill village. We petition SCC to change the speed limit through the village to 30mph from the current 40mph. This is a village that has bus stops which the aged, disadvantaged and children use as well as access to essential services including the village school. This is the only village between Farnham and Haslemere where traffic is allowed to drive at 40mph through a built up area. We believe that as more people are cycling or walking that this is required urgently

Current signatories

Malcolm Carter, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Eric Pepper
  • brian walsh
  • Sharon Walsh
  • Richard Bodle
  • Alan Thwaites
  • Sue Thwaites
  • Hugh Cox
  • Ross Lovelock
  • Hannah Lovelock
  • Rosemary Gorman
  • Susan LOVELOCK
  • Diana Nugent
  • Coral Brodie
  • Tim D. Wilkie
  • Janet Lindsey-Clark
  • Erica pickard
  • Margaret Mayson
  • Mary-Rose Seabourne
  • Julie Sloper
  • Kieran Lovelock
  • Angela Boyd
  • Simon Lindsey Clark
  • Susan Lindsey Clark
  • Colin Fraser
  • helen fraser
  • Caroline fraser
  • Daniel Jenkins
  • Dawn Vaughan
  • william court
  • Mr R Cunningham-Christie
  • myra cunningham-christie
  • Sandie Carter
  • Kris Shipway
  • Lydia Higgins
  • Philpott
  • neil Robert rowan
  • Irene Newton
  • Alice Knight
  • Sasha Brooks
  • Geoffrey Conrad Whitby
  • Gary Lloyd
  • Susan Davies
  • Dana Tomkova
  • Kirsten Ellis
  • Claire Matthes
  • Jozef Tomko
  • Joan Wise
  • peter nicholson
  • Hazel Barrett
  • Nikki Barton
  • Belinda Pope
  • Peter Isherwood
  • Martin Fox
  • Pamela Fox
  • Lindsey munro-davies
  • Linda Boggio
  • Giorgio Boggio
  • John Davies
  • Beryl Rowe
  • James Pethick
  • Diana Isherwood
  • Ed Shackleton
  • Laura Shackleton
  • Victoria Page
  • Sue Whitfield
  • Rosemary Smith
  • Clive Davidson
  • Jean Arrick
  • Amanda Stanley
  • Mark Stanley
  • Keith tuffin
  • Jerome DAVIDSON
  • Barbara Young
  • Ben Sutton
  • Nadia Hepburn
  • Gary Phillimore
  • Ben Smithies
  • Christopher Hinton
  • Kennneth Clark
  • Updated: 06 Dec 2019