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We the undersigned petition to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
abandon plans to cut the Council’s funding of the Surrey Wildlife Trust that will result in the redundancy of all 16 Countryside Rangers in April 2017Michael Gibson 2 March 20173747
Abolish the post of Chief Executive and examine need for anyone over £50,000 salaryMr Gerald Harvard20 July 2017923
Abolish plans to switch of street lighting overnightStewart meaton24 May 2017564
make the A25 Shere Road junction with A248 Albury Road safer for motorists and cyclistsG Akroyd15 March 2017311
guarantee summer born children access to reception at compulsory school age (CSAge). And ensure that they remain with the same cohort throughout their education in schools where SurreyCC is the admission authorityElena van der Graaf15 May 2017307
Stop their plans to cut fire and rescue cover in Spelthorne by 50%Paul Couchman 7 August 2017295
Install filter lights for right turns from the A217 at the traffic lights near the angel in woodhatch . (with responses)Mrs Toni Hand25 April 2017243
create a safe pedestrian crossing on Steels Lane, Oxshott at the junction with Oakshade Road and Holtwood Road.Ruth Burns19 April 2017187
put in a pelican crossing between Woodhatch Road and Woodhatch Community ParkNicola Turrell22 March 201778
Address Potholes and Repair and Maintainance of the Roads in GuildfordHeather Jones25 April 20174
Provide Proper Parking for Residents of Colman WayPeter Samuel31 July 20174
Restructure Social Services making the NHS solely responsible for home care to stop bed blocking in Hospital and create an efficient joined up professional serviceTim Robertson 4 May 20172

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  • Updated: 25 Feb 2017