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Petition to: Make the A309 roundabout near Hinchley Wood Primary School safe for children

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Make the A309 roundabout near Hinchley Wood Primary School safe for children. More details

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More details from petition creator

The crossing of the A309 roundabout near Hinchley Wood Primary School (crossing Claygate Lane) is not safe for the hundreds of children using it twice a day to go to school and nursery. Arriving from London, the speed limit is 50mph until very close to the traffic light, where it becomes 40mph. Cars regularly drive at over 60mph in this area. This results in cars often driving through a red signal, and near-accidents involving children starting to cross when the pedestrian signal is green. This is the death of school child in waiting. For the safely of the many children, we ask to: 1- Reduce speed to 40mph earlier. 2- Reduce speed to 30mph or 20mph near the crossing (this is a built-up area filled with families with small children and should thus NOT be 40mph). 3- Place a triangle road sign to inform ahead of the crossing that this is a children crossing area. 4- Place a visible and active speed enforcement camera (e.g. yellow box)

Current signatories

Joshwa JOSEPH & Mathilde BRESSON-JOSEPH, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Cindy Milway
  • Carl Olivier
  • Valdeep Singh
  • Hannah malone
  • Duarte Machado
  • Francois Lim
  • Vineet Bhatt
  • Sarah Harding
  • Kirstin Holland
  • Mary Denn
  • Peder Greve
  • Amanda Mullan
  • Anthony Prynne
  • Jenny Blake
  • Kerry Davis
  • Laura la frenais
  • Justine Tocher
  • Lesley Thorne
  • Elaine Hastings
  • Adrian Hastings
  • Ian Hickman
  • Natasha Behrens
  • Michiko Delucia
  • Claire Kevin
  • Craig Behrens
  • Nicola Bache
  • Richard Coney
  • Emma Pettit
  • Jacqueline Signor
  • Rachel Smith
  • Emma Robinsome
  • Claire Coleman
  • Sandra Coney
  • Fadoua el Baraka
  • Kirsty Marchio
  • Helena beyant
  • R Duff
  • Jamie Mainwaring
  • Emma Willson
  • Renato Marchio
  • Jacqui Mainwaring
  • Elizabeth de Quintal
  • Stuart Whayman
  • Stephen Creech
  • Barry Andrews
  • Abigail Lynch-Staunton
  • Donal
  • Dilsha Ashby
  • Melanie Uzunoglu
  • Karen Wakefield
  • Suzanne Barber
  • Alia awan
  • Yassir Awan
  • Fiona brass
  • Jenny mulligan
  • Giselle Geoghegan
  • Emily Gorvy
  • Sarah Morris
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2017