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Petition to: Change the Junction at Franklands Drive & Strawberry Fields so the No Turn signs work.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Change the Junction at Franklands Drive & Strawberry Fields so the No Turn signs work. More details

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More details from petition creator

Since the building of Strawberry Fields, the residents of Franklands Drive have had to put up with speeding in the north-eastern section of the road, abuse, cars ignoring the No Left and No Right hand turn signs and also doing U turns in the cul-de-sac part of the road. This needs to end in order to stop the inevitable accident and potential loss of life that will eventually occur. Cyclists have almost been knocked off bikes, cars have been damaged and all residents have suffered abuse at the hands of a few residents of the estatae. We ask that our junction is amended so that illegal left and right hand turns cannot be made, keeping every one safe.

Current signatories

Annie Wade, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Claire Ellis
  • Alan Brain
  • Meg Webb
  • Clare Occomore
  • Beverley Keane
  • David Rousseau
  • Richard Clutterbuck
  • Julie Rousseau
  • Anthony Bright
  • Julie Mullard
  • John Parrott
  • Sarah White
  • John White
  • Rebecca White
  • J Rawlinson
  • Trish Gosling
  • Andrew Hall
  • Christopher Waddington
  • James Kirby
  • Sarah Leacock
  • Felicity olszak
  • Tomasz
  • Margaret Brady
  • Angela Olszak
  • Antony Olszak
  • Carol Warden
  • Robert Amato
  • Deborah Hepburn
  • Brian Hepburn
  • Mary Mein
  • joe occomore
  • Mary Mills
  • J Papillon
  • Abigail White
  • Andrew Collins
  • Hannah Lane
  • Margaret sen
  • M. Anderson
  • Pamela Galiflent-Holmes
  • A White
  • Graham Barlow
  • Susan Barlow
  • Updated: 22 Aug 2017