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Petition to: carry out further traffic calming measures along Felcourt Road in the Division of Lingfield.

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to carry out further traffic calming measures along Felcourt Road in the Division of Lingfield. More details

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More details from petition creator

We request that the speed restriction of 30 mph at the county boundary be extended northwards and request that additional measures be taken to ensure compliance by road users with such a reduced limit. This stretch of road has had a high frequency of accidents and a high throughflow of up to 8,000 vehicles a day, despite it being unclassified. The measures which we feel would encourage compliance are :- • Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS), using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to show the vehicle registration and the speed being travelled • Suitable road markings to include warnings/speed limit/different coloured road to encourage compliance and raise awareness especially outside the entrance/exit of both Charters Village and Chartham Park. • ‘Elderly’/’Pedestrians in Road’ signs

Current signatories

Mrs Liz Lockwood, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Richard Defago
  • Douglas Bentley
  • peter norton
  • Alan Orbell
  • Amanda Ralph
  • John Barnes
  • Trevor Ralph
  • Paul Kaye
  • Douglas Parsons
  • Jamie Kaye
  • Emma Barham-Young
  • Christopher Lavender
  • Sandra Roberts
  • Julie Mockford
  • Shirley Kaye
  • Selina Springbett
  • Chris Gilbert
  • Pauline Smith
  • Rosemary GAVIN
  • Rachel Taylor
  • Mike Chapple
  • Steve Howe
  • John Frost
  • Christine
  • Gill smith
  • Susan Chapman
  • Simon Cox
  • Bernadette Jenkins
  • Lynn Mills
  • J Graham Taylor
  • Kim evans
  • Margaret Ward
  • Fiona Turney
  • Jacqueline Westley
  • Mrs Yvonne Gilbert
  • Brian Jefferies
  • Jacqui Jefferies
  • Di Williams
  • Alan Williams
  • John van der Merwe
  • jayne webb
  • nicky linton-briggs
  • Nicola Hellard
  • Caroline Matthews
  • Lucy Locke
  • Nicholas White
  • Chris Bower
  • Ian Dobson
  • Chris Farr
  • Debra Scott
  • Maureen Puplett
  • D Robinson
  • Barbara Burch
  • Katja Wiessner
  • Sue milne
  • R White
  • Alice Humphrey
  • helen young
  • Max Burgess
  • Updated: 22 Oct 2017