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Petition to: Address Potholes and Repair and Maintainance of the Roads in Guildford

We the undersigned petition Surrey County Council to Address Potholes and Repair and Maintainance of the Roads in Guildford. More details

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Deterioration of some Guildford roads is appalling and often, no maintenance or repair works have been carried out for years. This is the result of factors such as the Council not investing the full amount given by government, increased traffic volumes and bad winters.

The residents are fed up with the state of roads. Badly maintained roads not only cost the economy, but also damage the cars resulting in costly car repairs, increase traffic and harmful emissions by drivers having had to decrease-increase speed. Road tax and fuel taxes are high whilst spending on the road network for maintenance and repairs is less than 10% of what road users pay.

We, the undersigned, request the following:

1. Improve the roads in the area, in particular Woodbridge Road (one of the main roads to and from town and used heavily); 2. Use the funds provided by the government and collected in road and other taxes for their intended purpose; 3. Invest in and use better quality road materials that will see the roads last longer rather than operating on a "patch and mend" mentality, which actually worsen and damage the roads.

Current signatories

Heather Jones, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Toltje W Cox
  • Richard Victor
  • Updated: 28 Mar 2017